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Dorm room network help


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hello everyone

I'm using my Airport Express to have wireless in my dorm room on my MBP


The school doesn't allow routers because people don't secure them and they crash the networks.

To even get the ethernet plugs in the rooms to work, you have to register the physical ethernet (MAC?) address in the form xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx or whatever, and DHCP enabled on your computer.

Each student is allowed 2 registered addresses so I registered the ethernet port on the APE and the one on my MBP

They say the DHCP is 4 hours-(between renewals I guess?)

To discourage any upset administrators....

I made it a closed network-(no SSID broadcast I believe)

secured it with WPA2

and turned the broadcast power down to 25%

and its 5Ghz N only


When I set it up, it says there is a "double NAT" and to put it in bridge mode

But if I do that I get a self assigned IP and no internet.

so I leave it on Share a single IP and it seems to work-with only 1 user....


but if I disconnect, i can't get back on the network, and end up having to Hard reset the modem with a wire hanger and redoing all the settings because the MBP can't seem to find it.


Its very annoying to have to redo the whole APE set up each time.


so...does anyone know how the college could have it set up, and how I can set it to best interact with my computer? What additional information is needed? Will additional wireless clients mess with the DHCP? Do I have to reset the modem every four hours? Or was it something else? I very much appreciate any help anyone can offer.



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A 4 hour DHCP client lease shouldn't force you to reset your router every four hours. Not sure why you can only connect intially post-configuration...


You don't want a double NAT. This happens usually with two routers... and can cause you connection issues.


Make sure the router is accepting the school's IP address assignment. You may also want to try disabling DHCP server in the router if you aren't able to connect.


More later.

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It worked fine with an additional wireless cleint...

I understand a double NAT isn't a good thing but at least it works? Unlike "Bridge Mode"

Everyone with a PC is having alot more trouble connecting just using the ethernet cables...

looking forward to the more later

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Baker College-

It seems to be working just fine now, even with 4 or 5 clients, plus airtunes! ;-)

Can anyone guess how strict they might be on torrent traffic? or how noticeable it is to the admins? I'm nervous because I dont want the taking away my wireless.

I love my wireless

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