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iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen problems

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Hi everyone!


I bought a 1GB 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle, and I have some issues...

Using it on windows it's OK, no problems at all, it works perfectly...

On my hackintosh on the other hand... Everytime I plug it in, iTunes says it has detected an iPod but couldn't recognize it.


It tells me to install Ipod Support Software from the OS X install disc... but it doesn't work...

On the other hand, when I go to Disk Utility and Erase the iPod... then iTunes says that an iPod is attached but is in 'recovery mode' and then i restore it and everything goes fine from then... until the next time...


On windows it's totally normal... nothing happens... i sync it normally and so on... it's only on my hackintosh. I'm using JaS 10.5.4 Leopard install, and have upgraded to iTunes 8.


Any help would be really appreciated!


Thanks!!! Peace!

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I believe its because its formatted for one os or another, when i first plugged in the classic it formats it for windows, im getting a touch thats why this is relevant to me as i have a hackintosh set up as well and i was debating which os to sync it with since it does have that issue. ill prolly sync it up with my hack since itunes crashes like no bodies business on windows for me

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