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  1. If you do have, and remember the serial number, PowerMax.com has a report form so that buyers and other customers can submit into about stolen equipment into the database, and have other uses that located it assist in return. http://www.powermax.com/stolen/report
  2. I'm pretty sure you should be able to register an Apple ID without owning a Mac- It's linked to the Apple Store, and iTunes Store, for me at least.
  3. iTunes Purchase Help

    The gift card does NOT replace a credit card, or other valid form of payment. So even if you add another gift card on, the credit card info isn't going anywhere. The gift card doesn't "add" itself to your account. Rather, it adds the funds directly to your account.
  4. Make an iPod Touch look like an iPhone

    Bluetooth should be available on 3.0.
  5. In order to test applications on hardware, you'll need to join the Paid Developer Program. Meaning, the 99USD selection, if you'd like to distribute on App Store, or the 299USD selection for enterprise/in-house distribution. Both are one year packages, and will need to be renewed.
  6. External HDD criteria?

    Just stay away from the Western Digital My Book Essential- The ones in the green packaging, I haven't had the best experience with them. I do suggest purchasing a standard HD and putting it in a enclosure. I picked up a pretty nice Antec Enclosure that has a fan and eSATA.
  7. It might be different, but the Panasonic (That's what Mat{censored}a's name is now) works fine for all my burning. Which is a lot.
  8. Stupid mac wont effing burn cd's

    Did you upgrade the drive? If not, it might be on your OSX CD- Just rip the feller up with Pacifist.
  9. Yes, there is a way. Install XCode and code up a new engine with the same functionality.
  10. The Dark Knight

    Do you have an admin account? Have you tried using Handbrake + VLC?
  11. Is OSx itself even ethical?

    We may need to bring in that Apple doesn't sell OSX separately. It's sold with each Mac- The copies on the shelves are upgrade licenses- You'll need to own a OSX License already to be able to legally use those. That's why pricing in significantly cheaper- It's not a standalone license, it's an upgrade license. Novell sells a linux distro, and provides a free version. Red Hat sells a linux distro, and provides a free version. Apple sells OS X, and provides Darwin for free. Look at the next item: How many standard PCs use EFI? It's not only the "lock in", but standard PCs don't necessarily have the components required to run a non-hacked version, or a version that doesn't use some sort of bootloader. With the Windows/IE issue, MS was integrating IE into Explorer. Thus, Windows would not really function without IE. However, Apple is bundling/integrating OSX into Mac. However, Mac can still run without OSX. Not in violation.
  12. Wrath of the Lich King unibody macbook

    Minimum Requirements- Doesn't mean that it'll look great on those systems, but it will run. Most Blizzard games are made {censored} hardware compatible anyway.
  13. Wrath of the Lich King unibody macbook

    It should, since Blizzard games are made to be able to run on Low Spec computers (Starcraft II will be able to run on Computers that run Starcraft)
  14. Mac Mini updates around the corner...

    You still need to take in that Apple is very quiet regarding the Mac Mini. They didn't even have an announcement concerning the CPU upgrade. So if anything, it'll just spontaneously appear on/in the Apple Store without much flash.
  15. Might not be the case- I've had XP ignore a whole bunch of hard drive issues, and optical media issues before.