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  1. Dell Xps 1530

    My journey begins with a Kalyway 10.5.2 CD I installed this on my Dell Xps 1530 using the Vanilla kernal. Most worked out of the box. Things that did not work, Wireless, touchpad scrolling, 8600 GT, Lan, Fingerprint reader, sound, firewire. Things that i got working, wireless, touchpad scrolling, 8600 GT, sound. There is no lan kext that i know of and fingerprint reading was not a priority. This all i got working from a Dellpost package installer, except for sound. To get sound working i used osx86 tools package ton install kexts and a patched HDA i got from macgirls thread. Dont forget to delete appleazalia. I then updated to 10.5.6. Had to initially boot under -v or it just loaded for a bit then restarted. once under -v i installed all my kexts from the package over again and redid HDA. this time though i needed a USB keyboard and mouse since the onboard ones werent working. for this i needed a PS/2 patch that is labeled keyboard but actually does keyboard and track pad. Now after 10.5.6 sound is iffy i can get it through the middle headphone port but that is it. But all things conisdered this is working up to what i need it to be Final tally of working items Sound*keyboard, mouse, screen, camera, media keys, 8600, wifi, usb, bluetooth NOT working LAN firewire The package and HDA kext can be found from macgirls threads and the PS/2 can be found from google, if you cant find it i can try to get it to upload im having difficulties at the moment
  2. I believe its because its formatted for one os or another, when i first plugged in the classic it formats it for windows, im getting a touch thats why this is relevant to me as i have a hackintosh set up as well and i was debating which os to sync it with since it does have that issue. ill prolly sync it up with my hack since itunes crashes like no bodies business on windows for me
  3. Xps1530 Install

    Just thought id give an update in my ventures into the osx86 world Trip booting Vista, Ubuntu 8.1, OSx 10.5.2 Install disk: Kalyway 10.5.2 Processor: Core2 Duo 2.4 Ghz Working although in about my mac it is only recognized as 2.4 ghz unknown Lan: Marvell Yukon 8840 or something, NOT Working Video: 8600m GT Working Keyboard and Trackpad: Working with Two finger scrolling Sound: Sigmatell 9228 Working after much trial and error Webcam: Works oob no intergrated mic though Fingerprint: Works with manufac software Firewire: Works Remote: Works Card Reader: NOT Working Wifi: Works after patch Problems include, Shut down and restart require a hard shutdown, logs out of OS and screen dims to black but computer doenst shut off. Battery life is worse than windows. When updating to 10.5.5 keyboard and trackpad lose functionality. No lan drivers that i can find and internal mic none either. Other than the listed problems works fine, very stable, is definatly usable especially when using vista to make up for some hardware shortcomings. Much thanks to macgirl and the guy who made the dell post install package