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Leopard installation questions


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I have a question. I have a friend who bought a new imac with Leopard and now I want to install Leopard over Tiger.

But after the language selection it says it can't be installed on this computer.

I've read Leopard can only be installed on 1 mac, otherwise you have to choose the family pack.


But is there a way to pass this by? To "crack" the dvd?

That it will work for me to? Or do i have to download a 6G torrent from somewhere, not knowing if it will work?



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There are multiple things that you can look at...


One, you can run a firewire cable between the two computers and install in Target Disk Mode.


Two, you can copy the DVD to your hard disk and alter a particular file that defines the machine ID.

I do not remember which file this is off the top of my head, and no longer have my original installation DVD as to check for this, however I am sure that it has been discussed here on these forums. I am certain that it was one of the plists in the OSInstallation.mpkg file though.


Three, you can "obtain" an official installation DVD, as that does not have the Machine ID check.



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