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Double checking my hackintosh build

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So here's the build I have in mind...


CPU: Q9300


GPU: Sapphire ATI RADEON HD 3870

HDD: Seagate 500gb

DVR: Pioneer DVR-116DBK

RAM: OCZ 2x 2gb DDR2 1066


PSU: Thermaltake 550w

FAN: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 PRO


Oh and I'm planning to use a M-Audio Firewire Solo external sound card.



About the mobo, I was thinking about getting the EP35-DS4, but I can no longer find it at the shop where I'm planning to buy all my pieces. I checked the EP45-DS3L and it seems to be nicely supported by OSx86.


Edit: I'm probably getting the EP45-DS3R instead of the L.


I would like your advice on these components, I'm not really sure yet.


This computer is going to be used for video editing (final cut, motion, shake, after effect, etc), image post processing (photoshop, capture NX) and music production (Renoise, Ableton Live)



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Personally, I would go with what's supported by the EFI-X. The GA-EP45-DS3R is on the list- the DS3L isn't.


You don't need an EFI-X of course, but it's nice to know you can use one and have full retail-DVD install and Software Update support. (My EP35-DS4 is supported too).

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A few issues that I can see with your list. GA-EP45-DS3L has no firewire, you are probably going to want firewire if you are doing final cut work. Look into the GA-EP45-DS3R and see if that board meets your needs.


To ensure that all works well, I would swap the DVD-R drive to a pioneer DVR-216 SATA drive.


Also 4GB is kinda the bottom end of what Final cut uses. I would start budgeting for 8GB.


One last thought, for under $20 more you can get the Q9400 processor which is faster, and probably the best quad core processor for the money:


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Thanks MaaseyRacer, that makes much sense.


about the Mobo, I already swapped, There are too many good reasons to get the DS3R over the DS3L.


Yes, I did swap the DVD-R drive, the price difference is 3$


about the ram, I'll upgrade that later.. same with the hdd, the thing is I have a lot of stuff that i'm buying right now.. so I'm delaying some purchases...


and thanks for the CPU advice.. I didn't notice the Q9400. it really worths it. I emailed them asking if I can still change my order.


also, I swapped the ram for some 2x 2gb Corsair ddr2


with the samsung 24 inches LCD, I get a total of 1500$, tax included.. which is nice.


I'm gonna add a 2nd hdd and more ram to that build later.


Thanks... cya in a couple of days when I will need support for the installation (it will be my 2nd installation, let's hope everything goes well)

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