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I think It's been asked so much but yet I need to ask too

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Hmm hello! :D


The question I'm asking is:


Is it safe for me to buy any mac item from like eBay or Amazon and some kinds of them which are only for my country?


I found lots of "um nearly cheap" iBook G4 and MacBook... and some second hand as well.


So should I trust these pages and be a member then buy one of them?


Thanks! ~_~

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Yeah I totally agree with you. Because my friend Robin bought an iBook around the time that I had just got a macbook. And it worked fine for a month then it never opened. She took it an Apple Store and they said this iBook is stolen so Apple shut it down. (Well I'm not sure if that's possible but) So I don't think I'd buy one from those webpages.

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I've bought 2 iMacs, 2 G4 PowerMacs, G5 Case including DVD drive and 250GB 7200RPM HDD, and a eMac off ebay and Richardo(like ebay but only in Switzerland)

I've had one shipped but all the others I have been fortunate enough to go fetch and I have had NO issues!

I've also bought Memory of an ebay company for my NEW Alu MacBook, and even that has NOT given me a single days problems


Heck come to think of it, my 1x 320GB NAS, 1x 400GB WD USB, 2x250GB USB external, my Wacom Tablet, 2x genuine Apple Airport cards, 6x BMC94311 wireless cards, 2x bluetooth module for an HP and 1x Sarotech 160GB multimedia USB drive and my Apple Remote come from these two auctions sites! My Ipod for a 30GB classic a friend gave me also works today thanks to eBay!



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