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Install without a DVD?


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Well, I'm utterly bored of Windows... Can't work with Linux... I would like to use OSX as my main system, but can't spend $2000 on a Mac.

Here's the only problem, I currently don't have a working DVD Burner in my PC, can I still install OSX? I have a copy iATKOS_4i, don't know if its Tiger, or Leopard.. Anyways.


Here's what I have to work with -

2 - 3 good size HDDs

CD Burner


I do have a concept..

First, install OSX to a virtual drive in a VM, then extract the contents of that drive to a physical drive formatted like a Mac HDD, set it to master, boot into Mac OSX (Will it work?)

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Ok, well I answer in a thread a while how to do that...


1st: That list contain tools you may have in hand to do that...

1. MacDrive (you know where to find warez ok)

2. UltraIso same too ^^

3.Forsenic Acquisition tool


5.WMI Administrative tool


1.Move your Patch ISO (or in this case patched before ISO's) on your root drive ex: c:\

2.Unpack the FAT (#3 tool) on the root of your windows drive ex: c:\. Next to your ISO (patch or not).

3.For copying the ISO onto your external HD, use the tool dd.exe. For this, you need to know which physical adress is taken by your HDD. You need to download WMI Administrative tool.

4.Install WMI and you MUST enable IE(x) as your default browser to display WMI tools. And be sure to ACTIVATE the ActiveX control on the top of the page. Fine? Then use WMI Object Browser. Then go on the submenu and click on Win32 System Partitions Part Component.



Open the tree and go on any Disk32 below on the tree.



And on the right tab, on the top click "Associations" and a nice graphic will show your physical drive external to your PC.



5.Call up the command prompt... Hum, need a shortcut? Windows key+R and hit cmd. Enter!

Then type the command "DD", the name of your ISO file =ex. c:\Kalyway 10.5.iso= and the name of your physical drive as INTEGER. =ex. \\.\physicaldriveX=.


Syntax of the command is (theorically).

dd.exe if=c:\kalyway 10.5.iso of=\\.\physicaldrive[b]x[/b] --localwrt




6.After hiting Enter, your ISO is supposed to copy to your external hard drive.


And I hope you ENJOY. It takes me over 1h30 to make this!!!!

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I did that exact thing..

It's not bootable... I restarted my computer, and No Operating System Found, for that reason, its because I let it partion and copy the files over to the Master drive and it replaced the boot records..

I'm now in the Ubuntu Live CD recovering all my files before I reformat everything, BUT I'm looking at my 2 hard drives, says I have 3 (Because of the partion made by DD.EXE) and it was called Kalway 10.5. Had files in it and everything, mainly folders.. But can linux see Mac Files?

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Ok, well, I'm going to extract the iso with dd.exe on my spare drive. I'm using kalway 10.5, because I lost iATKOS...

After I do that, in MacDrive, what do I need to do, I know I'll be able to see the partion, but what do I do to make it bootable?

And I've made that extra disk active.

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