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Hey guys ive almost finished choosing the parts for my Hackintosh which i chose using the wiki. i have a few questions about its compatibility with OSx86 Leopard before i dive in and purchase it. will "…"?


- the dual ethernet ports work

- ACHI, GUID, shutdown & sleep work

- audio work all channels?

- the bluetooth dongle allow wake from sleep for my Mighty Mouse

- the card reader and Firewire 800 card work

- the front panel USB, FW, mic and headphone jack work


also does anyone have any experience with my parts and know if i will be able to install Leopard using EFI v8 and a retail copy of Leopard?


sorry for all the questions but i guess thats what this forum's all about for users choosing parts. please feel free to answer any of my questions if you cant answer them all.




https://secure.newegg.com/WishList/MySavedW...spx?ID=10708408 (shared wishlist need Newegg ID to view. will post PDF of parts if required)

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Here are my comments.

Firewire card should work, they claim OSX support.

That MSI 8800GT seems expensive, the EVGA and BFG ones are cheaper. I do not think the added clock speed is going to do anything for you in OSX. If you can run quartz extreme on a NVIDA 7300 GT (first gen mac pro stock card) Mac OS is not graphics card intensive.

USB is USB and all the front panel ports should work. Mine do, however my card reader does not support the new HD SD Cards.

That BlueTooth dongle is the best. There will be an apple update for it, to make it fully functional with your computer. However, sleep on a hackintosh is not an easy thing to resolve.

As far as the board is concerned if Ethernet is supported both ethernet ports should work.

Audio is based on the Audio chipset. Find out which one it is. I read on a thread that the WIFI can conflict with the Audio. Might be something to look into. You might want to see if the P5K Primium or P5K-E have the same audio chipset. Worth looking into.

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hey man thanks heaps for the reply… really! its been hard to get replies to some of my questions as they are so specific. BTW posting this from a MacBook Pro & Cinema Display -_-.


im going to go for the MSI as apparently its a very quiet 8800GT because of the Zalman HSF and im going for a reasonably quiet build so i really dont mind the extra price. i will look into the BFG and EVGA but unfortunately i think you need to keep a drive bay free in the Solo for it to fit (and im really keen on this case). i think the added clock speed will add to gaming in Windows as im not only going to install OS X.


thanks for the clarification on the firewire 800, USB, front ports, bluetooth, card reader etc. they were the least of my worries and will probably work out of the box but i just needed the clarification as they all need to work.


the ethernet ports are both Marvell 88E8056 so i guess if one works the other will. the audio chipset is ADI AD1988B which ive seen around the forums so i think ill be able to get it to work. what scares me about this board is apparently theres a wake from sleep issue? do you or anyone know anything about this? has it happend to your board Maasey?


thanks for the ASUS mobo recommendation. i think ill definitely go for an ASUS "P5" premium, pro etc.


P.S. i see from your sig youve done a retail Leopard install. which guide did you use? this one http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...string+graphics ? did you install the EFI strings for video and audio? im definately interested as i have a legitimate copy of Leopard and Australia has very small caps on our internets so downloading DVD sized images is annoying.

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Retail install is awesome on only requires about 40-150MB of data to download. I ran the generic Boot 132. Then I installed Chameleon. Then EFI V8 using OSX86Tool and video and ethernet were installed using EFI Studio and the proper Kext files.

This is a good write up on it.



BTW OSX86 Tools was not able to install chameleon for me. However, everything is running flawlessly, except for sleep. I do not know of many Hackintosh's that can sleep. It is just something you have to live with out.


I used this guide:



My set up involved the generic ISO, however, they may have one for you set up which is convenient.

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thanks. ive read around that some users with a P35 ICH9R chipset mobo are having problems with sleep and some are having no problems at all albeit shutdown doesnt turn off the fans. i think ill just go for the board and hope that the InsanelyMac community released some fixes in the future.

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