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TimeMachine not work in 10.5.2?


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Is this a known issue?


Installed Kalyan 10.5.2 with Vanilla kernel. Got it all set up the way I want, updated all software except for the OS, got all 4 cores running, etc...


I have a 250GB external USB HD. It was formatted with NTFS, so I used the Disc tool in OS X to destroy the partition and make a new OS X journalized one.


Loaded up Time Machine, pointed it to the drive, it said it had to format it, I said OK, it warned me that I would lose any data, I told it to proceed, and all looked good.


When I tell it to Back up Now, it just fails, the error code given is "the backup volume cannot be found".


Is this a bug with this version of the OS? I have the system set up perfect, and I want to image it before I attempt upgrading to 10.5.3-->10.5.5


I would hate to have to go through yet another clean install and all the downloading, installing and tweaking to get back to where I am now. I want to make an image of my "base system", so that if I hose it, I can restore it quickly and try again.


But until I can get Time Machine to want to coopoerate, I don't want to make that jump.


Anyone point me in the right direction while I continue to search?



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