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  1. Searched for T500, but I did not see anything. The IBM Lenova T500 has a 2.4Ghz dual core Intel proc(P8600), 3GB RAM, ATI HD3650 mobile graphics, 160gb hard drive, DVD burner, etc... Has anyone successfully installed Snow Leopard to a laptop like this? Is it possible with one of the hacked DVD's, or does it require a ton of work to get installed? I had a fairly recent copy of one of the iAtkos DVD's and it would get to like 65% installed and just spontaneously reboot every time and have to start over. Running OpenSuse 11.3 at the moment, but don't want to trash it by trial and error with OSX. Any advice?
  2. Well, I used Vista before for well over a year, and never had issues with it. 99% of the "horror stories" are false. People hear from everyone else how it sucks, so they pass it on, and nobody can tell you why it sucks, or what the problems are, just that "they heard"... LOL Head over to the Mojave Experiment for a bunch of funny videos about exactly what I am talking about. That said, I would like to give Snow Leopard a try. So I have to figure out what the best METHOD for installation is. I don't want to spend too much time on this, else it would just make more sense to go Vista, you know? Is there a simple ISO that I can download and install, with a minimal amount of fuss, that will just work without me having to repair and tweak all sorts of things? That will allow me to do online updates like a real Mac? Have no performance degradation? If so, which one? Link?
  3. Ok, my Windows 7 RC(build 7100) x64 install is about to expire. I really don't feel like spending $200 or so to keep it, especially when I have to go through the effort and hassle of a clean install anyway. So my options are the following: 1) Install my legal retail copy of Vista x64 2) Install Ubuntu or OpenSuse 11.2 64bit 3) Install Snow Leopard The one thing is that I like to game, not a ton, but I do enjoy playing COD Modern Warfare 1 and 2. But if I cannot game, then it is not a total deal breaker. My hardware is as follows: Asus P5B-Deluxe Intel quad-core 2.4Ghz 6GB RAM ATI Radeon 4890 HD SB X-Fi Extreme Nusic 74GB WD Raptor SATA 10k rpm 400GB Seagate HD SATA 1TB SATA, forget which brand Couple DVD burners, 9-in-1 card reader, 24" and 21" LCD panels, etc... So, I guess the first question is, which one fits my needs best? My gut tells me Vista because of the game angle. But the OSX option has benefits as well, and there are some ways to run Windows apps there. Linux would be straight forward, but is the least polished and least flexible for my needs I think. So if I decide to make a Hackintosh, which install method would be the easiest for my hardware? And will I get full support on things like the video card? Or will performance be crippled? Another benefit of OSX is that I have an iphone 3G, so the support will be there, whereas in Linux it won't be as good. Thanks! Also, do I need to go purchase a retail copy of OSX to do this, or are there hacked versions like the Kalyway discs that I used about a year ago? I took that one off because it was a real pain to upgrade, and the video performance was not all that great due to driver support issues, etc...
  4. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    For me, to get it to work, I had to use Chameleon instead of the EFI booter.
  5. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    OK, I used the NVKush driver, and it booted, had sound, set everything up and everything looks awesome. Recognizes all 4 CPU cores. But Ethernet does not work, either port. I selected the Marvel driver, that is what it has according to my mobo owner's manual, and I think that is what I used with the Kalyway disc. Nevermind, got it working. One port was disabled in BIOS. For whatever reason, the one I used on Kalyway worked fine, but with this version I had to enable the 2nd LAN port and use that. Seems to work fine now.
  6. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Ok, I can get it to boot into the OS, I found the right settings, but I cannot seem to get the right video drivers installed for an NVidia 8800GT. Anyone point me to the right one?
  7. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    I cannot get this distro to install. Kalyway 10.5.2 installed just fine with no messing with drivers or kexts. This one installed, says it must reboot, and it starts to load, and then says it needs to restart, no error. Just stuck in this loop where it keeps saying to restart. What should I look for?
  8. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    My first install attempt bombed. Told me to reboot, I did, got the first splash screen, said I needed to reboot, basically stuck in a loop. I think it is just a matter of selecting the right packages, kernel, boot loader, things like that. I will play with it some more tonight and report back. I will be really pumped if it works and I can finally update the OS like a real Mac.
  9. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    WHere did you order the board from?
  10. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    I have the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD installed, once I realized what settings to use, it was a snap. Have not had to mess with much since I installed it. However, every attempt to upgrade to the 10.5.3-5 has resulted in me blowing it up, probably from doing something wrong out of ignorance. My hardware is all compatible with the Kalyway disc, did not have to mess with kexts or anything. How would you rate this install DVD to Kalyway? If my system installed fine and has been happy for 3 months with this version, is it safe to assume that I can install this disc to get the newest version and should not run into many problems? Intel Core2Quad 2.4Ghz, 6GB RAM, all SATA drives, Asus P5W Deluxe movo, NVidia 8800GT, etc... Pretty vanilla system and damned close to what a Mac would be. You guys think I should upgrade and do a clean install with this install DVD, or "don't fix what isn't broken". I mainly want the updates for updated video drivers, I want Time Machine to start working, etc...
  11. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    Ok, pardon my ignorance. Is this a new install DVD like the Kalyan 10.5.3, but with the newer kernels and updates? I can just get this DVD and do a clean install like I did with the Kalyan one? Thanks!
  12. Is this a known issue? Installed Kalyan 10.5.2 with Vanilla kernel. Got it all set up the way I want, updated all software except for the OS, got all 4 cores running, etc... I have a 250GB external USB HD. It was formatted with NTFS, so I used the Disc tool in OS X to destroy the partition and make a new OS X journalized one. Loaded up Time Machine, pointed it to the drive, it said it had to format it, I said OK, it warned me that I would lose any data, I told it to proceed, and all looked good. When I tell it to Back up Now, it just fails, the error code given is "the backup volume cannot be found". Is this a bug with this version of the OS? I have the system set up perfect, and I want to image it before I attempt upgrading to 10.5.3-->10.5.5 I would hate to have to go through yet another clean install and all the downloading, installing and tweaking to get back to where I am now. I want to make an image of my "base system", so that if I hose it, I can restore it quickly and try again. But until I can get Time Machine to want to coopoerate, I don't want to make that jump. Anyone point me in the right direction while I continue to search? Thanks!
  13. I have tried all the BIOS settings, and spent the last 45 minutes scouring the forum and cannot find a fix that works. Not talking about the "About this Mac" tag, but in Activity monitor, it only reports 1 of my 4 cores running. Any way to address this? Nevermind, as luck would have it, 3 minutes after I posted the thread, I found the answer. Removed the strings from the com.apple.boot.plist and rebooted, now has 4 cores.
  14. Both Cores NOT Recognized

    I have a C2D quad, and can only seem to use one core, and I have my BIOS set properly, and cannot seem to figure it out...
  15. OK, make me a believer

    Ok, if I could indulge you folks one last time... I seem to only have one of my 4 cores running. I am not concerned with what the tag in the "About this Mac" line says, but in system monitor, I am actually only seeing one core recognized. I am searching on how to address this, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, that would rock. Thanks!