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I would skip EFIX for now. Will they stay around for long?? Will Apple sue them?? It should be possible to install boot-132 to a small partition on your drive, and as far as I can understand it would give you pretty much the same.


Why do you need the BEST? What is best? For some it might be the most "bang for the buck", for others the lowest energy consumption per Mhz, for others again only benchmark scores count as they really need to win that competition (more windows specific i guess). ......


My GA-EP35-DS4/Q6600/8800GTX is fantastic for my purposes, its far from the best. The best for me I guess would have been to buy a real mac. I can afford it, but its boring, I dont really have the time to play around with a hackintosh but I do it anyway.


If I could get Microsoft Office and Adobe CS3 for Linux I wouldn't bother using OS X at all


by the way. I bought a Leopard license from Apple for my hackintosh.


I would go for something that has been around for some months, and proven to work flawlessly.


Good luck!



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The best would be a skull trail board with some quad core xeons. However, that is about $4000+


Personally I would look into some of the P45 offerings from Gigabyte. Ram is super cheap right now ~$200 can get you 8GB. I got 4GB for ~$90 of some nice lifetime warranty OCZ. Seems to run well with my set up. I was skeptical of this working and now I wish I bought 8GB.

As far as processors, there are lots of good deals right now. The E8500 is what I went with. However, if I were to go with 8GB of RAM I would have gone with a quad core.

The Q9550 and Q9400 are well priced for a new fast quad core.

For Dual core the E8500 is priced very well, think the E8600 is too expensive for the gains seen.

As for graphics cards. After my recent troubles with my X1900GT, and the small amount of support out there for this card, I really want to get an 8800GT. It may not be the best performing card, but it seems like most of the people on this forum have one.

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