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Help from anyone with a FW audio interface input


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Hi :)

I have a asus p5b deluxe wifi MOBO with a 2 firewire ports from Texas Instruments. Seams that no one have problems with those. I use a quad E6600. I disable wifi and audio from the mobo.

I instaled kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.5, with CI/QE enable, Time machine, dual display, all the mobo parts and periferical gear working.

I work with a m-audio firewire 1814 that work OK in XP. It work well in OSX for playback and virtual instruments.

But in the inputs I got random clicks and crackles, mini loop (seam that is a freeze buffer), all at low volume, not very often, and appears to be related to the stress of the computer resorces.

I tried other appleFWdriver.kext, vanila and modbin, change the ports, no error in activity monitor, diferent configuration in buffers, but the problem is always the same.

The Logic 8 doesnt seam to be the problem. The input of the audio in the Sound Configuration reproduce the same error. The clicks doesnt occur when I route the input to an output via the driver interface.

Well, I dont know what to do and I saw almost all the posts.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Flavo, your best bet is to go out and purchase a pci firewire card. It should cost you less then $15

Also try different Firewire kexts. I had to downgrade to an older kext(1.2) from the one that came with Iatkos 4(2.2)

My firewire system works flawlessly with Digital Performer 6.1 and all inputs and outputs are working via my Phonic Helix Firewire mixer. -_-


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I've had NO problems whatsoever running my TC Konnekt 24D with my iatkos_4i Leopard system.


I just downloaded the latest driver from TC's website ( they are pretty reliable on drivers) and installed it and it worked straight away after a restart...


Best thing, as dumb as it may sound, have you actually downloaded the latest m-audio drivers for mac ?



Asus P5W DH Deluxe wi-fi(not working yet), 2 GB corsair, 320, 500 and 1 tb sata, UAD-1 PCI (not working yet), TC Konnekt 24D on onboard firewire

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