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  1. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Just here to say: The greatest big kudos to Dukzcry!!! After almost 3 months I received my card http://www.ebay.com/itm/171633538114?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Fujitsu Siemens RAID Controller W26361-W15812-X-02 LSI 8708EM2 256M At star it cannot format and it mess with my audio interface and Parallels installations. With IO Debug kext with msi=no everything works VERY well. Thanks again and big hugs for JFIVE for the DEEP help. Update After start loading the 9TB monster (6x1,5TB) in the six hour it goes off-line freezing finder and other apps. With two boots it came in-line again but about a hour same problem.. Update the with latest firmware and tested all the kexts again and no juice. It became worst and have only a half hour life. I do not used the unsafe kexts because I am a dangerous guy... I reading the forum again and again while waiting for some tip HEEEEELLLPPP!? SCSI Parallel Domain 0: Product: MegaRAID SAS PCI Express ROMB Revision: Firmware 11.0.1-0048 Initiator Identifier: 65 Description: Cache 256MB RAM SCSI Target Device @ 0: Manufacturer: LSI Model: MegaRAID SAS RMB Revision: 1.40 SCSI Target Identifier: 0 SCSI Device Features: SCSI Initiator/Target Features: Peripheral Device Type: 0 SCSI Logical Unit @ 0: Capacity: 9 TB (8,998,493,356,032 bytes) Manufacturer: LSI Model: MegaRAID SAS RMB Revision: 1.40 Removable Media: Yes Detachable Drive: No BSD Name: disk8 LUN Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table) S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported Volumes: EFI: Capacity: 209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes) BSD Name: disk8s1 Content: EFI Kontakt: Capacity: 9 TB (8,998,149,382,144 bytes) File System: HFS+ BSD Name: disk8s2 Content: Apple_HFS Volume UUID: FDFFCF43-FCF6-3A46-AEBF-56119A9AD6F4 running the mfiutil I get the following output: sudo mfiutil show adapter mfi0 Adapter: Product Name: ̢p Serial Number: ?Вh? Firmware: RAID Levels: JBOD, RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID1E, RAID6, RAID10, RAID50 Battery Backup: not present Onboard Memory: 28360M Minimum Stripe: 32M Maximum Stripe: 512B EDIT #2 I find a forum that claims to have RAID Card Compatbility Database thread Where we can see Gigabyte EX58-UD5: Working: Adaptec 31605 Areca ARC-1220 Dell Perc 5/i (only works with tape mod) Not Working: LSI Megaraid 8888ELP (same family of chip 1078) It Is a dead end? update Must be conflict... in safe mode it works like a clock FINAL thats ok now with raid, but still fighting with other usb (I have a lot) with some edit in SASMegaRAID.kext and AppleLSIFusionMPT.kex all works well. With the preference for Thunderbolt I imagine a bad future for pci drives... Thanks for all dukzcry!!! SUBERB!!!!
  2. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Thanks for your kind words! Dont worry about backups, I always use Carbon Copy Cloner incremental backups, and always compare and delete my kontakt libs with multi libs shirinked and edited. Everything with ncw. Raid 5 & 6 are good but CCC show reports of bad files and I just replace them. In my search I always bypass Dell (I know that perc 5/6 works) because the lots of options and different cables that becames pricier than LSI. I find a Dell h700 for 115us on ebay with shipping (+150% of taxes because I live in Brazil), and its cheaper than LSI 6gb/s but I do not believe that it worth unless I have a raid of ssds in the future ...? For the hds I have an old 5u large server case that I modified and it handle 15 3.5 hds (for now). 1 of my raids probably will be with a silicon card + fusion with sdd from osx. Well, me and my pocket will meditate about 6gb/s cards, i know that if you intend to use port multipliers or sdds these are a better idea... Thanks again and hugs from Brazil!
  3. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Dear dukzcry Thanks for all your programming and support! As a confused man by desease I always have problem to understand fully all the hackintosh adaptions but I always fight... I am in doubt with 2 cards, and if you can help to decide with is best I will be more greatefull, so: LSI 8008ELP 39 Fujitsu LSI1078 that they sar its LSI 8708EM2 (256meg ram) 45us (probably I will pay 150% of taxes because I live in Brazil) So my concerns are about future updates (I am in Mavericks), stability and performance related with: 1 OS X native RAID (for me it has a poor performace (maximum of 100mb/sec with 2 7200 hds) and my board is ga ex58-ud5 2 Sil pcie native card (maximum of 150mb/sec with 2 7200 hds) 3 OSx native FUSION drive. I am a musican and I use my setup as this: ssd for boot ssd for record raid 1 for kontakt libs (this is always critical) raid 2 for the rest (sometimes critical) So, forgeting the boot ssd I have 7 1,5t hds 4 2t hds 1 ssd 2 1.5t usb portable In my dream of a great performance I am starting to think in creating big raids 4 x2t (8t raid 0) maybe with a ssd fusion (maybe a bad idea because is unstable?) 6 x 1.5t (9t raid 0) Obviously a half of them backuping each other and 1group with native osx raid (maybe a bad idea because is unstable?) With my experience with raids is that they sometimes fail but raids with silicon drives diskwarrior always fix and the only way to fix raid with native osx is to reformat and to do a long backup. Sorry for my long lamentations, but if you can say some words about it will be deeply appreciated! Thanks in advance
  4. 10.5.7 Released

    I updated (see my sigs) and than: 1) cant pair my apple wireless alluminium keyboard (never had a problem before-still searching for a solution- HEEEEEEEEEELP) 2) lost my firewire (fixed with kernel 9.6.3 and delete AppleHPET.kext-still testing audio) 3) about this mac and system profiler issues (fixed with the solutions posted here -THANKS!) The performance increase but sometimes the computer freezes. My clock RAM appears at 666 and it is 800. It can be a problem? Hugs from Brazil
  5. Hi, a friend of mine have the same computer as me (except for the hds and the videos) but with a lot of editing of com.apple.boot.plist (via osx86tools) I always got the same results: 1 core. I even copy my apple.boot with the same results. Funny is that writing "cpus=4" in the boot of Chameleon 2 works. Any ideas to automate? Thanks in advance
  6. Um amigo, q não sabe nada d inglês, resolveu comprar um computador igual ao meu (só os hds mudam) e instalar o 10.5.6 e sempre só reconhece um core. Tentei editar (OSX86tools) e até copiar (o meu) o com.apple.boot.plist e sempre acontece a mesma coisa. O curioso é que escrevendo o comando "cpus=4" no boot do Chameleon 2 os quatros processadores funcionam. Não preciso dizer q gastei algumas dezenas d horas procurando a solução e q meu amigo nem tem idéia do que andou instalando no seu computador. Agradecimentos antecipados
  7. O ideal é estudar os tutoriais do saite e aprender como funciona. Um meio fácil é ir em http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/ lá tem uma página onde vc colaca os seu dado e ele monta os kexts. não esqueçaa d apagar o nv inject esvaziar os caches reparar pemissões
  8. Esta placa funciona e bem! Vc só vai conseguir q tudo funcione bem se vc editar corretamente o nvinject, o nvdaresman e o nvdanvhal40. Não existe intalação, tem q editar. Vc SEMPRE dv usar um injector, no caso, só use o nvkush se apagar o nvinject. Depois é só apagar os caches e reparar permissões.
  9. Ola, (desculpem a falta d acentuacao) depois d tentar varios metodos d resgate da minha imagem e do TimeMachine, intalando EFi, Chameleon, reparando permissoes e o escambau, nada funcionou totalmente. Ou tranca, ou da boot e panico d kernell ou o sistema fica com problema com o usuario e BEM instavel. Tento ler durante 3 semanas sobre os varios meios, mas nunca encontro um facil e rapido. Gostaria d saber se alguem consegue resgatar do zero no TimeMachine? Tenho imagens do SuperDuper e do CopyCloner.... Queria saber sobre metodos alternativos q fiquem no ambiente Mac e tenham um GUI pois comandos no terminal nao ser meu forte (hehehe) Agradecimentos antecipados
  10. Thanks for both. In my system seams that when I fix something appears a new trouble. I tested almost every mach kernel to get my firewire audio interface to work properly (still no drive for 10.5.6). The only match kernells that work without anoying click are the 9.2 and 9.22. I read about the seatbelt and I extracted from the Kalyway 10.5.2. Its better, but I still got crash. Each fix must not create another thing to fix... I am wondering if I need to make more changes besides the mach kernell and seatbelt?
  11. Hi, Everything seams to work well with Leopard (need to fix and organize some Au plugins and my huge Library), but many times the dmg, cue-bin and iso images crash with image mounter. The way I manage the situation is to mount the images via Toast 9 or explore via Pacifist. It is less frequent, but still occurs crash with Toast. Also i got crash with compressed files and ArquiveUtilitiy (particulary the giga files), so, again, I use other programs like Stuffit and UnrarX, but still got some crash. I search a LOT (really) but I cant found someone with similar problems. So, if someone give me a clue to fix the problem I wiill be very happy because i am too old to make lots of reboots. I dont use any programs in background (see my signature) Thanks in advance, forgive my english and hugs from Brazil.
  12. Joseka, Desculpe pela demora recentemente instalei o ideneb 10.5.5 + up para 6 e ali se encontravam ferramentas muito práticas como Onyx, o velho OSx86tools e o UInstaller. Neste último vc pode fazer um patch automatizado (poupa muito trabalho e tempo) d sua placa d vídeo, entre outras coisas. Todas as placas nvidia funcionam muito bem, inclusive algumas pré-históricas. Abraços do Sul
  13. Bueno, depois d muitas experiências para funcionar o meu interface d áudio, meu hd d boot estava irrecuperável, tentei d tudo para salvar. Decidi fazer uma recuperação apartir do dvd kalyway 10.5.2 e simplesmente congelava quando entrava na janela do Time Machine. Resolvir intalar e não funcionou, tive que zerar o hd e daí existe a opção d resgatar dados de outra fonte. Em duas vezes o processo congelou, sendo q teve q ser repetido duplamente. As configurações estavam lá, só q coisas como updates não existiam mais, além d existirem milhões d diretórios com o nome "*.from old mac" e "*.from old old mac". Então nada é apagado e muitos arquivos ficam duplicados ou triplicados. Quero q alguma alma caridosa m explique se é possível obter do Time Machine um back integral como se fosse uma imagem, ou mesmo fazer uma imagem apartir dos backups do TM. Bueno se não puder, tem q se fazer um back pelo time machine e outro como imagem? Não dá pra ser feliz só com um backup! Obviamente, agradecimentos antecipados!
  14. Hi, My time machine works very well (kalyway 10.5.2 up to 10.5.4), but during my experiences to discover why my audio interface give me problems, I leads me to an unbootable hd. I tried everything I know (not much), I tried to boot from dvd to do a restore but kalyway always crash, so I decide to erase the hd and a reinstalation of kalyway(only the instalation doensnt work, had to erase), hoping that I can achieve a full recall of TM backups. For 2 times, in the first boot, OSX ask if you wanna transfer files from another source. The first time always lead to a crash and I had to do a second trail to finish the task. For my surprise the files are there, but the updates dont work (have to redo), and files are with extensions like "*from old mac", "*from old old mac". So, lots of duplicates and 2 users in my computer. I this right? I want my files ands backups exactly the same. Can anyone explain me how to this? Of course I dont have an Image so, can I do an image from TM backups or a full restore? Thanks in advance and hugs from Brazil!
  15. Hardware PCI, como instalar.

    Ok, mas eu já procurei muito e não existe notícia d alguem q tenha feito funcionar uma m-audio pci ou motu pci (as pci-e funcionam). Tentei d tudo com uma 2408 e nada. Confundi as 2 marcas. Só tenho conhecimento das UAD e RME pci funcionarem. Abraços M dei conta d algo importante: NÃO EXISTEM COMPUTADORES APPLE INTEL COM PLACAS PCI SIMPLES, então as pci-e dvem funcionar e as pci normais são um tiro no escuro.