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Converting Macbook Pro install discs to retail - possible?


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I tried amending the distribution file in the OSInstall.mpkg to change all the "Badmachines" references to "true" and resaving the package as per various guides I found on the t'interweb, but still no joy. "OS X Cannot be instaled on this machine"


My disk is AHT Version 3A136 10.5.2




Alternatively, if it's not possible, could one use, say a USB caddy to plug a 3.5inch PC hard drive directly into a Macbook Pro, then install the OEM disk to the hard drive as a new install, then amend kexts and install chameleon afterwards??


I currently have Kalyway's 10.5.2 disk as well. Any trickery to be done with either of these two disks to make a virtually retail version?



Or am I just gonna have to wait another week for this damn 6.66 Gb retail disk to d/l at 9kbps??






It makes no diff to the content of this thread, but FYI I have an ASUS P5K with 2GB Corsair RAM, 7300GT and a Macbook Pro as well.

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thanks David, that sounds promising. I'll order a caddy and post back with some results.



Just to confirm then, everyone, if I get this done and install on the external drive, am I only really adding DSMOS.kext (from, say, Kalyway 10.5.1) and removing appleIntelCPUpowermanagment.kext to get a basic vanilla install working on my P5K? Is that all it takes to get a vanilla install going, or am I missing something? (assuming we ignore the onboard sound and ethernet for the time being - I have working kexts for those which I can replace afterwards)



to be honest, 10.5.2 combo kalyway with the NVinject has worked flawlessly, but i tried the 10.5.3 kalyway combo updater and it just broke straightway.


I'd like to get at least 10.5.4 working to keep up with my macbook, and try out Pro Tools on my hack. Firewire is a definite must - it works using Kalyway so if it doesnt work using this method what should i be looking out for?









p.s. if anyone wants help for the P5K 10.5.1 kalyway install here is my original post showing all the settings I used:-


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Ok , I've had an interesting experience tonight




I got hold of a caddy and installed my MacBook Pro 10.5.2 OS disk on it, and then migrated everything over, so effectively creating a hack version of my macbook pro



i then copied over dsmos.kext, appleacpiplatform.kext, and applesmbios.kext, and removed appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext. i then installed chameleon on to the USB drive and put it in my pC


when i tried to boot it got to the gray apple screen and stopped.


unfortunately, i have a ps2 keyboard and a usb keyboard, and whatever i do i cannot get -v to come up to find out what is wrong (tried holding down windows and V and also CTRL and V becuase i cant remember which one is the CMD key at the moment) - i also tried unplugging the USB and plugging it in again just as the "loading darwin" screen came to see if it is my keyboard not being recognised.




so, i put in a Boot-132 cd that i had burned (the bumby one i think) and lo and behold, it worked!! so now i have a perfect copy of my macbook



So, i guess what i need to know is a) how do i get -v as an option to come up when booting my hackintosh so i can find out what is wrong


and B) what kexts do i need to replace, i am imagining that some of the ones on the cd are making it work, but i want to know which ones.



the cd holds the following kexts:-




















any help appreciated - i could not find any threads about installing by this method anywhere in google land. I have a perfect kalyway install as noted in my link above so i know the hardware is not an issue



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