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4 cores

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Installed using kalways 10.5.2 installer using the vanilla kernel, nvidia drivers installed all the patches that are intel specific

system specs:



2 GIG OCZ DDR 1066

SEAGATE 7200.11 500 GIG HD

Modded Bios from this forum 0703


about this mac only shows 1 core

CHUD only shows one core

can only boot with the kernel flag CPUS=1

system activity only shows 1 core

and movie conversion takes 2 hours while in windows takes 20 mins


anything else i can add let me know



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I know that I haven't got the same CPU and MoBo as you, but on my PC with an Intel Core2Quad Q6600 and a nForce 680i LT Chipset Mainboard everything works fine.

I installed iAtkos v1.0 r3 (Leopard 10.5.1) and "About Mac" shows all the 4 cores but curiously only 2 of my 4GB of Ram (while the "Task Manager" shows all the 4096 MB of Ram.)


AFAIK I installed the Vanilla Kernel, but maybe you could - as ASNNetworks already mentioned - try another Kernel?!




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Finally figured it out after instaling Ikatos and trying diffrent kernels and what not still no avail i did some random word combonations in google and found that leopard needs disable bit enabled.... well im an OverClocker and always disable everything in by cpu options for stability... well long story short.... quad core good to go thanks for all the help guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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