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    S/PDIF on alc883? (5.1 Digital)

    Sorry guys, I've been very busy...So I totally forgot about this topic... But yeah, that's the link I gave holyfield...That one works with mine.. Just make sure you set Digital to system sounds aswell..See MIDI (type MIDI in the spotlight) and put everything on Digital instead of Line-in (Analoge) Otherwise you'll get some sounds through Line-in en others through Digital...
  2. ASNNetworks

    S/PDIF on alc883? (5.1 Digital)

    I found an alc883 installer on this site...The installer itself doesn't work with me, keeps hanging when almost finished...So I opened the contents, and installed 2 other installers inside it, one for analog line-in and one for digital.....I can now enjoy DTS 5.1 movies on my hackintosh an Z-5500:D (I had to use Vista for this) Screw the volume control...I'll just use iTunes volume and Z-5500 remote:)
  3. ASNNetworks

    S/PDIF on alc883? (5.1 Digital)

    Well, I got sound through S/PDIF now:) I can even use DTS 5.1:D:D However, I can't adjust the volumes...It says that it has no sound controls... Any thoughts?
  4. ASNNetworks

    S/PDIF on alc883? (5.1 Digital)

  5. ASNNetworks

    S/PDIF on alc883? (5.1 Digital)

    Hi fellow mac users.. I'm trying to get the S/PDIF (Coax) working on my Asus P5N-D mobo with alc883 sound chipset...I managed to get 'Line Out' and 'Digital Out'...However I have my hack connected to S/PDIF (so digital) and I want full 5.1...Right now, it's Stereo, and I can't adjust the volumes on 'Digital Out'.... I've been searching for a loong time and tried a few alc8xx kexts, which either didn't work at all, or gave the same result... Anyone got 5.1 through Digital (coax)?
  6. It's best to NOT install ANY video drivers when installing Leopard, it has many issues, like black screens or restarts;) Instead only install audio drivers at most... As for LAN...Download eno's latest nForce LAN driver... I have the Asus P5N-D aswell, and with a lot of headaches, it finally works perfectly:) (see my sig for my entire setup:)) And one more important thing, DISABLE HPET in BIOS...
  7. Install the latest eno nForce LAN driver.. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=125569 MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER nForce LAN DRIVERS!! (like forcedeth) Go to BIOS and turn off HPET.. Boot into Mac OSX, and it might work..it worked for me after 4 months of struggling and random freezes/kernel panics...
  8. ASNNetworks

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    So basically....VoodooXNU has no added value for me?
  9. ASNNetworks

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Thanks dude, I totally forgot about the documentation...Everything works now:) P.S. I thought this kernel was supposed to speed everything up? I don't really notice any differences...running Core 2 Quad Q6600 by the way...
  10. ASNNetworks

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Well, it seems to work...Didn't notice any differences compared to StageXNU 9.4.0, though... Except for one thing, VoodooXNU causes a kernel panic when I try to boot a VMWare machine...StageXNU didn't have this problem... I'm running on Q6600....(Intel Core 2 Quad)
  11. Yeah mine is G92 (512MB) no probs with it at all (I see you're using a GTS, mine is GT)...Using JAS 10.5.4...I THINK I didn't install NVInject or NVKush or any other installer...You could try the latest ones...However, I installed a kext pack, I believe..Too long ago to remember.. I keep backing up and restoring my extensions (kexts) when re-installing Mac OSX for this very reason...Cause now everything works with, so when I re-install again, I just restore my extensions using MacOSX Tool...I could provide you my extensions folder.....
  12. I'm using the eno driver, UNmodified..just stock..its not the latest version, but one before that...And turned off HPET in BIOS...Everything A-OK:)
  13. ASNNetworks

    nForce LAN driver

    What's jumbo frame?
  14. !!!!EVERYONE!!!! Download the latest eno driver and TURN OFF HPET IN BIOS!... I have the nForce 750i and it works now, with ALL 4 cores and 4GB RAM....WITHOUT FREEZES/KERNEL PANICS!! It's worth the try:) (thanks to ed8888 for his advise to turn off HPET) P.S. I know this is the pre-7 series thread, but I helped someone out who had the 4 (or 5) series...and it works for him aswell... Just helping out;)
  15. ASNNetworks

    iphone SDK crashes hackintosh!

    Wow, that sucks! Good luck:)