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NForce3 + ATI 9600XT AGP

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I don't find the solution of incompatibility of the hardware, only disabe QE i have a system for work. If enable i have a slowwwww system..


But this is not important.. I recentily buy a Dell monitor 2005fpw and a native resolution this is 1660x1050. When i boot system and press f8 and type ?video. This resolution not apear on list. Why i active this resolution without replace my video card??



Nobody obtained to decipher this between ATI and NFORCE3 ???



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I'm having the same issue with nForce/ATI... I had a Asrock 939dual(ULI chipset) before my nforce3 board and QE was fine with it.. so at least we know it's related to nForce.


Now which kext(s) are causing this... :withstupid:




edit BTW vid card ATI X850 Pro

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