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  1. Hi friends.. Somebody fina a solution of chipset NForce3 and ATI 9600 Cards?? I tried any forms of configuration but i don't a sucessefull. My machine for windows works fine, for games is excelent. I don't want swap my machine only this problem. Somebody any sucess in this problem. My configuration is: A64 3.2 (no sse3) MSI Neo Platinum (NForce3 250) (usb, sound, fireware, and sata working) VGA Card ATI 9600XT 256 AGP Monitor Acer 1916w (only 1024x768) native resolution is 1440x900 2 GB DDR I think this machine is good. I have only problem with QE and CI on OSX. T+_+ Kill ABC
  2. Hi.. I don't find the solution of incompatibility of the hardware, only disabe QE i have a system for work. If enable i have a slowwwww system.. But this is not important.. I recentily buy a Dell monitor 2005fpw and a native resolution this is 1660x1050. When i boot system and press f8 and type ?video. This resolution not apear on list. Why i active this resolution without replace my video card?? Nobody obtained to decipher this between ATI and NFORCE3 ??? T+_+ Kill ABC
  3. Kill ABC

    Laptop with SSE3

    Hi people!!!! Anywehre make helpe-me.. Why this laptops have SSE3 instrucions HP ZV6131US or HP R4135CA. I try find on hp homepage but not find this information of processor.. The two laptop use the A64 processors.. But the of ZV6131US is 3.2 ghz and R4134CA have 3.5 ghz. I have interest a buy laptop A64 but have a SSE3 instructions... T+_+ Kill ABC
  4. Kill ABC

    HP ZV6131US

    And work with full suport to QE and CI ??? sound, wifi, e lan work perfectly ??
  5. Kill ABC

    HP ZV6131US

    Hi All... I´m interest to bying this laptop zv6131us (AMD 64 3.2) with graphics card ATI XPRESS X200 but i have doubt if thins laptop suport fulll QE and CI on osx 10.4.4 + update 10.4.5. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/generic...R1002_USEN#N793 Anywhere trying to install osx on this model of laptop?? T+_+ Kill ABC
  6. howw.. Works much better than 10.4.3 T+_+ Kill ABC
  7. Hi all I installed OSX 10.4.4 with update to 10.4.5, but i have a trouble since OSX 10.4.3. I'm not work QE, CI and OpenGL on my system. Thats all funcionalities works ok. Only i have this problem, i tried insert vendor id on ATIRadeon9700.kext but not solve my problem.. Anywhere helpe-me!!! If i play dvd or divx on fullscreen thats play slownmotion... My Specifications MSI K8N Platinum AMD 64 3.2 Ghz SSE2 ATI RADEON 9600XT SHAPPIRE 256 MB AGP 1 GB (2x512) HD 80 GB ATA 133 Details Graphics Video Tipo: Controlador Compatível com VGA Barramento: PCI VRAM (Total): 256 MB Fornecedor: ATI (0x1002) ID do Dispositivo: 0x4152 ID da Revisão: 0x0000 Informação de Extensão do Kernel: Nenhuma Ext. de Kernel Carregada Monitores: Monitor Desconhecido: Resolução: 1280 x 1024 Profundidade: Cor de 32 bits Core Image: Não Compatível Monitor Principal: Sim Espelho: Desligado On-line: Sim Quartz Extreme: Não Compatível T+_+ Kill ABC
  8. Kill ABC

    Maxxuss blog Down

    http:// maxxuss.theblog.cc is dow!!! But [Content removed due to possible DMCA violation] is UP!!! Mod Edit - Please don't post links to maxxuss site mirrors. Google is enough for anybody.
  9. Kill ABC

    10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    Download complet!!!! Disc Burned... Wainting for reboot machine.. But seeding file before...!!! Thanks all
  10. Kill ABC

    10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    Great!!!! I begin download after work... T+_+ Kill ABC
  11. Hi.. I tried make bootable dvd wich DVDPatcher and patchs amd, but no work, if reboot my machine with the bootable dvd i receive "The Hardware not Compatible with darwin". Finaly i download bootable osx 10.4.4 dvd installer, but also not work, i receive the same message... I'm crazy, i want to install 10.4.4 without 10.4.3 instalation on disk before. Anywhere helpe-me!!!! T+_+ Kill ABC
  12. Hi .. I have a osx 10.4.3 instaled on my system adm 64 3200 (no sse3). but I wanted to bring update direct to 10.4.5 without update 10.4.4 before. Somebody obtained to make the update direct? T+_+ Kill ABC
  13. Kill ABC

    10.4.3 vs 10.4.4.

    And the ATI Drivers works fine on osx 10.4.4 but i have a ati 9600 xt when active QE and CI my system function very slowwwwwwwwww!!!
  14. Kill ABC

    10.4.3 vs 10.4.4.

    Hi... What the diference between osx 10.4.3 and 10.4.4, i won more speed of process? all the hardwares works fine? Anywhere showme diferences of thins versions!!!! Thanks!!!
  15. Kill ABC

    Aceleration 3D ATI Drivers

    Hello friends.. I'm install OSX 10.4.3 + JaS 8F1111A Generic Patch v4.2b, the instalation works fine. But i have a problem with ATI RADEON 9600XT this not work with 3d aceleration and QE & CI. Only driver works fine for my desktop its Ati.kext, but this driver not work qe, ci and opengl. I tried many methods and drivers but not work. Anywhere have a problem seemed.??? I'm crazy ...hehehejava script:emoticon ('', 'smid_4') smilie My config A64 3200+ non ss3 MSI Neo Platinum NForce3 ATI Radeon 9600XT 256mb 1 GB DDR HD 200 GB IDE