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  1. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Tiger

    Hi, You can grab the pcitulis package from my website. The iAtkos DVD got it from there. I also made an update yesterday to the port, that fixed an issue with Tiger. http://www.x86dev.org/forum/index.php?topic=307.0 Thanks
  2. You can also get the pciutils package I built for Darwin OSX from http://x86dev.org. This is the same application that is include in the ToH DVD. PCIUtils is the library which contains lspci, setpci and update-pciids. Please come to this site for the latest version and to report any bugs/suggestions! Cheers
  3. This happened to me also recently, my hard drive is plugged in native mode in one of the ICH8 ports. This is happening when OSX use the generic ATA driver instead of AppleIntellPIIxATA or something similar (In the plugins folder of IOATAFAmily). Just add your dev ID in the ICH8 section of the plist in that kext and voila!
  4. Hi, After some time, would you care sharing your source now? I would like to try things and having a look at your work would be much helpful and appreciated.
  5. Thanks a lot GT, it worked like a charm on mine. I was scared to clone next to my windows partition, but it all went smooth and easy as &?*. I messed a lot with other tools out there, but none are easy and efficient as yours. Great work! joblo10
  6. AGP on ASROCK 939 Dual SATA?

    Ok guys, I work on this a little, and instead of going here and there, I just setup a new topic here: http://x86dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=34.0 Waiting to hear from you now
  7. AGP on ASROCK 939 Dual SATA?

    Yes thanks for saying it, come to that forum and tell if it works or not please, that's the only way to get it working.... thanks
  8. This works great on my 7600GT AGP! Thanks for your work! I only have one problem, dashboard crashes whenever I try to drop a new widget. Instead of making the ripple effect, the whole dashboard freezes for 15-20 seconds, in the better scenario, but most of the time it just crash the windowserver and I have to reset the computer. Does any one else experienced this issue? CoreEndianFlipData: error -4940 returned for rsrc type DITL (id 432, length 282, native = no) Nov 17 11:38:34 joes-computer crashdump[328]: WindowServer crashed CoreEndianFlipData: error -4940 returned for rsrc type DITL (id 332, length 278, native = no) CoreEndianFlipData: error -4940 returned for rsrc type DITL (id 432, length 282, native = no) 2006-11-17 11:38:35.193 DashboardClient[327] setSearchComboBox... Nov 17 11:38:35 joes-computer crashdump[328]: crash report written to: /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/WindowServer.crash.log I have include my crash reporter log. windowservercrash.rtf
  9. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    Amazing job!! Thanks a bunch for your work!!
  10. XRadeonFB

    The format of the command is "./setdisplay widht height bpp refreshrate". So if you wnat for example 1024x768x32 @60hz, you would type "./setdisplay 1024 768 32 60" withtout the "x"'s. Hope this helps
  11. XRadeonFB

    Ok thanks for the info, I have found an relatively "easy" way to get all proper timings with each display mode so this will probably fix this issue. I didn't had much time to implement it yet but this shoudn't be too hard. I'll keep you updated.
  12. XRadeonFB

    I think this have to do with improper timings use for resolutions under 1024x768. Did you try higher ones such as 1280x960 or 1152x870?
  13. XRadeonFB

    There's a tool I should have speak of first, I attached it. In case you get a scambled display or something really weird, you can run this script to switch to 1024x768x32 mode. It helped me a lot of times. For the QE/CI thing, I forgot to tell it also needs the GA.plugin trick, putting either "XRadeonFB" or "IOFramebuffer". I'm considering going back to the original kext name "IONDRVSupport" for some reasons so it may change next time. I don't like the trick that this driver or Callisto use to prevent IONDRVSupport to load at boot, there should not have any initialization of the hardware at this stage of the boot process. Furthermore, the ATIRadeon driver rely on the IONDRVFramebuffer methods, so we get two framebuffer ~= "runinng". I'm building a small forum to continue the dev somewhere else as this is not going the way it was supposed to here concerning forum management. There will be updates once it's done. Also, this is in an early ALPHA stage, I'm using the "same code" Callisto did, so don't expect anything better for the moment. *edited for sake of clarity. I wasn't really present since thursday because I got a ot of homeworks, but I'll be back on track at the beginning of the week. yes thanks, I forgot.. :mellow: I really need to know what he driver says duting boot to know where it hangs... setdisplay.zip
  14. XRadeonFB

    No special IOPCIFamily is required. I did not fully implement TMDS panel functions in this build, this was related to the LCD with LVDS timers call, but it's on the list I already uploaded the new one, I just called it 1_1 because it didn't deserve the Alpha2 title yet.
  15. XRadeonFB

    lol ok, that's a good reason.. I made the framebuffer exits at that point to prevent problems, because it only works with edid for now, but maybe a later version will go further that point for older monitors.