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How can I dual boot Vista and OSX with OSX installed first?


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Hey I want to dual boot not virtualize vista because I want to play games too. I had Kalyway 10.5.2 then combo updated using kalyway to 10.5.3 then I used apple update to go to 10.5.4. Now I want to install Vista and dual boot Mac OSX 10.5.4 and Vista. How would I do this?


P.S.: I have VMware Fusion and Parallels 3 if I need them for anything...I can also download...I mean buy anything else I need :thumbsup_anim:

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This is EXACTLY the same situation I am in. I have read dozens of threads, but they are all a bit over my head. I don't need an elegant solution, I don't mind plugging in a USB stick when I want to go into Windows or anything, I just want to be able to jump into Vista for a few games.


What is the easiest way for a complete rookie to get this working? To tell you the truth, it's a miracle that I even managed to get my Hackintosh up and running!


(This forum has been INVALUABLE! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sites... even if most of it is over my head!)

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Same problem. I could manage to install XP using this method but if I have to boot to Xp i have to change the hard disk priority in the BIOS menu everytime


Method for installing windows:


1. Go to Disk Utility and select the hard drive u want to install windows on and select partition.

2. Make the partition for windows. FORMAT: FREE SPACE ( it wont work if u dont do this. And btw this is NOT THE NAME)

3. Click options and select Master Boot Record as the Partition Table.

4. Click apply.

5. After it is done under the Harddrive u shud only see 1 or none depending on ur partition scheme.

6. Reboot and boot into the windows install disc and select the 'FREE SPACE' as the drive and u can install.


If someone can help me with a boot menu thing then I will be grateful.

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When I was installing MAC OS X I created two partitions, one for Leopard and one for Vista.


But I put my Vista install disc in after I already had my Leopard running. Right now I am on my Vista partition but it only shows this and not the other half of my hard drive. Even on Acronis it says that there is an error. When I boot up my computer it goes straight to Vista and I need to find out how I can get access to my Mac again. It doesn't show up in the Computer and it doesn't show up in Acronis...


This is the Acronis error:


W000101F4: Acronis Disk Director Suite has detected unsupported hard disk drives. Acronis Disk Director Suite does not support Windows Dynamic Disks, EZ-Drives, etc.


If I try to manage (increase sizes etc) of the partitions then Acronis just crashes.


This is especially odd because it is like my Leopard partition is completely isolated from the rest of my hard drive, even though it appeared prior to the installation of Windows.


Meanwhile I will just download Paragon and see if that works..





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