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  1. abhi93

    ALC889A 10.5.7

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been really busy. Anyway, I now use Snow Leopard so I am not 100% sure these are the working kexts. They should be, but then again, I'm not entirely sure. If they aren't then I'll upload the other set of kexts I have. Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ep6o21hvwzx Hope it helps.
  2. The server version of the default Snow Leopard background. From the install disc. Enjoy
  3. You have to rebuild kext cache. Use kext utility and then reboot. That did the trick for me. Hope this helps.
  4. abhi93

    Realtek ALC889A (motherboard - Gigabyte EP45-DS3R)

    http://www.mediafire.com/?41xsb1rjyjp Install the kexts in that using kexthelper and repair permissions using disk utility. Reboot. Hope this helps.
  5. Use this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p=1229762 (post #388) then use blackosx's method for regenerating extensions.mkext in extra/extensions. replace the drive names with the ones you used for your install. firstly, untick "ignore permissions on this volume" in the 'get info' section of your chameleon drive. chameleon: my chameleon 2 rc1 install partition snowy: my snow leopard install partition. replace them with ure volume names. then in terminal: sudo -s (password) sudo chown -R 0:0 /Volumes/Chameleon sudo chmod -R 755 /Volumes/Chameleon kextcache -v 1 -t -m /Volumes/Chameleon/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/Chameleon/Extra/Extensions /Volumes/Snowy/System/Library/Extensions hope this helps.
  6. abhi93

    10.6 Time Machine issues

    Use kext utility in snow leopard to rebuild cache. That's what I did and Time machine works fine for me. Hope this helps.
  7. abhi93

    GMA X3100 Vendor ID: 0x2a02 Revision ID: 0x0003

    The solution doesn't work for X3100s with revision id: 0x0003. If anyone knows how to get QE/CI with X3100 revision id: 0x0003 in 10.5.8, please help me. I've been trying for ages to get QE/CI working... I get full resolution but no QE/CI support.
  8. abhi93

    First Time - A few questions.

    Unsuccessful software updates are updates that become a pain due to different kext requirements. Mostly, it should be fine but sometimes they can go very wrong.
  9. abhi93

    Error when i try to install

    You can try installing Leopard Retail using GRUB, but I don't know if that will work too.
  10. abhi93

    Error when i try to install

    If the hard disk you're using for that install is SATA, then you need to enable AHCI SATA mode in your BIOS. If it is IDE, then most likely, you'll be needing to install JMicronATA.kext, which can be done easily using terminal from install disc.
  11. abhi93

    First Time - A few questions.

    The hardware seems fine to me. Just look around for more info (drivers, etc.). It'd work entirely as a mac once set-up and until any unsuccessful software updates, but for a real mac experience, you need a real mac.
  12. abhi93

    good boot gone bad - chameleon?

    What you're getting is most possible a kernel panic. Boot with -v, it should indicate what is causing the error. Also, have u tried Chameleon 2.0? It works flawlessly and has a lot of customisation. Hope this helps.
  13. It could be either the Hard Disk's fault or an error in the install disc. Was the disc check before install successful?
  14. abhi93

    Error when i try to install

    Boot with -v and post what happens/where it stops.
  15. You can also try Chameleon 2.0 RC1, it has a graphical/text-based (selectable) bootloader which lists the partitions on your computer so that you can select one to boot. It's also customisable; themes, own boot graphics, etc. Just head over to the chameleon website and download the package installer. Another method is to use EasyBCD in windows. Both work flawlessly, but Chameleon has more customisation abilities. Cheers