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Apple 10.5.4 : Will it work out of box in Intel


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Dear All,


I loaded Kalyway 10.5.2 and then upgraded to 10.5.3 (applied the patch as well). Now I have good working 10.5.3 -- Can just download 10.5.4 upgrade from Apple and install with out any patch. Will it work


Please let me know


( I tried using the Upgrade 10.5.4 guide and tried -- but Mouse and Keyboard hangs)


Thanks and Regards

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Thanks a lot for reply


10.5.2 -- From Kalyway

10.5.3 -- I download kalyway. upgraded and patched.


10.5.4 -- I downloaded from Apple site directly.


After applying 10.5.4 -- When I boot it failes with "out range" error. When I applied the patches as communited in this forum (v4.2) -- I could boot but the Mouse and Keyboard are in-active.


Please help


My Machine

CPU : Pentium 4, 3066Mz

CPU Alias : Prescott

CPU Setting : G1

Instruction Set : X86, x86-64, mmx, SSE, SSE2, SSE3

Display Chip : ATI Radeon Xpress 200

RAM : 512MB


Motherboard ID : GC11020M.86A.1058.2006.0330.1109


Motherboard Name : Unknown


Harddisk : Driver Description ST380211AS (Configure SATA as IDE)

ATA/IDE Mode : Enhanced

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during boot try hitting F8 or whatever key it tells you to input data prior to boot


then type:


"Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32"


that should get you in


if not try:


"Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60"


(using the @refresh rate on mine causes restarts due to my drivers but otherwise it works correctly)


I suggest setting it low because the update might have *screwed* up your drivers

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Pentium 4 is old type, and not work with vanilla kernel. Period.


1. copy Your old kernel with the new name.


cp mach_kernel mach_kernel_bak


2. keep terminal open


3. drive update, BUT DO NOT RESTART


4. copy Your old kernel with the new name back to name: " mach_kernel "

(because: there is now new not working vanilla type kernel in Your root level.)


ls -la

cp -f mach_kernel_bak mach_kernel


5. fix rightness and userlevel to right.


chown -R root:wheel mach_kernel*

chmod -R 755 mach_kernel* (hmmm... 644 ?)


6. in the end in terminal write: diskutil repairPermissions /


7. wait


8. NOW reboot.




This is step by step my system:


1. Kalyway 10.5.1

2. Restore factory settings

3. Finnish.pkg

4. Kalyway combo update DO NOT RESTART

5. Kalyway 10.5.3 kernel.pkg

reboot and type: update -v <- very important to remember!

6. Then I fix my framebuffer to old version. (=more resolution)

7. 10.5.4 build 9e6 delta update

8. Update Modbin 9.4 with osx86 tools (kernel+system kext)

9. THEN Mac osx update "10.5.4 update" like I wrote early.

10. QuickTime, iTunes, FrontRow, Airport, iLife and yes:

Sec update 2008-005 and Java and Safari 4 update.

11. Kernel ToH & StageXNU 1228.5.20 with osx86 tools.


=> Fullworking AND sleeping 9.4 kernel with the most last system.



Hope this help a little.





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THANKS A LOT. It worked


Now I am little more greedy. Is there any way to increase the partition size of "/"


I have 2 partition of 10GB -- One is Called MacOS in which I have installed 10.5.4 and another one MacDATA. I want to merge MacData to MacOS partition. Is ther any way with out killing my existing MacInstallation

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