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Help me make a T-Shirt


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So I love the band "Brand New" and if you have ever seen their album "Deja Entendu" there is a space man on the cove with a cool back ground well what i would like help with is just getting the space man from the cover.



Also I was think maybe having a circle around it that has the orange and yellow fading away. Like the space man and than the colors fade out as you go



So please if you can help me a but here with photoshop I really want to get the space man out here is the pic


feel free to give any ideas for a good t-shirt design



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you can open in photoshop and Press "Q" .

after Pressing "Q", insert "B" and draw evrything.(not draw on spaceman)

now Press "Q" again.

Now you selected space man

you can Press (Ctrl+Shift+I in Windows, Alt+Shift+I in mac) to inver selection and delete around of space man

now space man is a layer

you can draw a Circle in new layer and put it Under the space man layer

for fade out you can use gradient in mask layer if you want more help please contant to me



I create this space man in ".PSD" format for photoshop

plaese send your e-mail address to me to send that for u



Good Luck

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