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  1. PHP-GWT

    Hi. i work in php and need source of PHPGWT. where I found that? this source is Very Important for me!!! can u help me? thn friend!
  2. Create A Portal

    Thnx for reply. but i Want Create my portal. I found a way for Implimentation Portal. 1. make components Abstract. 2. check the Other portal and what working that. 3. See your project from the Top. 4. Implimentaion that from Bottom. i send more detail later...... if you have more Information send that plzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
  3. Create A Portal

    hi friends. I want Create Myself portal With my code. I Want a sample to Inspire. and then extended it. I Worked with Free Portal: PHP-Nuke ,Joomla,..... I Want UML Sample or algorithm Sample for create a portal.... Plz Help me to cretae that...... Thanx From all for help and time
  4. hi. i setup Illustartor and Incopy and Indesign and Photoshop on my mac(10.5.2 Jass) i want Install flash cs3 on my mac. when put the Adobe web premium cs3 DVD in DVD-Rom and click on install setup is running. when setup goto install shared document setup want Indesign CD but my indesign setup is in my Hard drive. i want help.....
  5. Help me make a T-Shirt

    hi. you can open in photoshop and Press "Q" . after Pressing "Q", insert "B" and draw evrything.(not draw on spaceman) now Press "Q" again. Now you selected space man you can Press (Ctrl+Shift+I in Windows, Alt+Shift+I in mac) to inver selection and delete around of space man now space man is a layer you can draw a Circle in new layer and put it Under the space man layer for fade out you can use gradient in mask layer if you want more help please contant to me I create this space man in ".PSD" format for photoshop plaese send your e-mail address to me to send that for u Good Luck
  6. hi. i need merge php and flash for my project and need to learn but i search in net and can't find anything can you help me? i want create flash document. my flash have more variable and i want allocate my vars in php and send that to flash. i want a pdf about this title. can you help me? Thnx All
  7. hi KD Advertising group Thank you for this! What's your Idea about my site?
  8. Apache install on 10.5.2

    hi thnx from iPirate this link (ttp://foundationphp.com/tutorials/php_leopard.php) is very very good for setup and install apache and php thank friend
  9. hi.i switch on mac 3 month ago and wnat setup apache for PHP. I know 10.5.3 have a apache server and i start it and thta is work but i can't find configure file. for install php i want that. i want a simple help because i am a simple user in mac Thx for Ur help
  10. Web Design Help

    thanks i find pics in google and enter those with coding thanls friends
  11. Web Design Help

    hi i have a problem i have a web site and entered javascript (slideshow Code) in it. this code is work with I.E and Mozila and Safari and Netscape i want tell this to my users with this programs Logo can you help me?
  12. ALC662 No Sound with taruga's patch

    hi friend i have Leopard 10.5.2 jass and alc 662 is not work on that i think jass not Cracked good this version but i found a way for my problem and that way is: i set up my os install that and after installation i put mac os 10.5.1 kalyway version dvd and go in dvd and found azalia package and setup that and now working good i think your version is your problem i think....... friend...
  13. i want link to download victoria 4 or new version of poser if you have links to guid me to download please help me i need that for project thanks friends
  14. Help with installing Windows

    you can do it but in this way: you set up your mac and install paralle software and set up your windows in mac 2 benefit of this way: your system is run fast you can access to your windows with out reset your system
  15. Flash Help

    i need help my question: i want to make a flash animation that loads images from a URL dynamically and apply some effects online. Can anybody help or tell me how to do it?