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timemachine/disk/controller issues


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Hello everyone,

I'm getting an error message in my syslog that makes me a bit nervous:

kernel[0]: AppleRAIDMember::synchronizeCacheCallout: failed with e00002bc on CCF7B3F7-05FA-4BF7-9708-AAA6765E8FB3


I've googled this but have seen no explanation.


I have a concatenated three disk raid volume and, each time timemachine kicks off a backup, this messages is spawned many times. The errorcode remains constant but the serial number changes between three values so I assume each serial number is for each of the three disks making up the raid-set.


Does anybody know exactly what this message means? Is it a controller message? Should I be concerned?


I have run disk check several times and no errors have come back.

So far timemachine has failed once during the past month but these messages have been showing each time timemachine runs

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