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Thoughts on this MB, CPU and Video?

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Looking for a great hack build.


What do you think about these parts?


Intel q6600

DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS P35 Motherboard

EVGA 8800GTX 512mb




I have this motherboard currently and while it works great, I wouldn't suggest it to someone else. There's a slight problem with waking from sleep with the audio hardware (ALC 885).


If I were you I'd stick to a Gigabyte board with ALC889a audio.




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Same advice here !

The GA-(E)P35-DS4 is fully supported, thanks to the hard work of the community and especially ~pcwiz.

The GA-EX38-DS4 is great too.



I just found a p35-ds4 used. I'll get that instead.


Thanks dudes.


The graphic card you are refering to doesn't exist :angel:


Sorry, I meant 768mb evga 8800gtx

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So I have the parts.


Most of the parts are used. This should be a good, cheap system.


Processor: q6600 g0 stepping - 190 shipped

Motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds4 - 70 shipped

Video: 8800GTX 768mb - 135 shipped

Memory: 4gb Corsair Dominator - 110 shipped

Memory: 4gb Corsair Dominator - 149 plus tax/shipping (40 dollar rebate)

Heatsink: Thermaltake super big thing - 45 bucks

Case: Antec P182b - 75 bucks local pickup


Total was around 850 or so after picking up a cheap power supply and a couple of other small odds and ends.


Hopefully I should be able to get this built by this weekend. I have everything but the motherboard currently.


I will be installing Kalyway 10.5.2

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