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  1. Will you still buy the real deal?

    My new quad core hack pro was built specifically for the efi-x and it runs amazing. I have a macbook pro but this new efi-x hack pro is my primary home machine. Quad core, 8 gigs ram, sees my esata raid array, video worked OOB (8800gtx) updates install straight from the internet. I can't ask for more.
  2. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    I just got done installing my efi-x and installing Leopard. So far, so good. Now I am updating. Very nice so far. 10.5.5 It's updated!
  3. So I have the parts. Most of the parts are used. This should be a good, cheap system. Processor: q6600 g0 stepping - 190 shipped Motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds4 - 70 shipped Video: 8800GTX 768mb - 135 shipped Memory: 4gb Corsair Dominator - 110 shipped Memory: 4gb Corsair Dominator - 149 plus tax/shipping (40 dollar rebate) Heatsink: Thermaltake super big thing - 45 bucks Case: Antec P182b - 75 bucks local pickup Total was around 850 or so after picking up a cheap power supply and a couple of other small odds and ends. Hopefully I should be able to get this built by this weekend. I have everything but the motherboard currently. I will be installing Kalyway 10.5.2
  4. Giving up on OSx86 and OS X

    I am a Windows Systems Administrator by trade. I have to use Windows to make my money. My main computer is a MacBook Pro. I will never go back to Windows being my main OS ever. OS X is leaps and bounds better in every way. I bootcamp to Vista for gaming and that is the only time I use Windows. I can do anything I could do in Windows plus more with OS X. There are tons of free software out there that is legit, you just don't know where to look. Give me Leopard any day over that garbage you call Vista.
  5. Cool I just found a p35-ds4 used. I'll get that instead. Thanks dudes. Sorry, I meant 768mb evga 8800gtx
  6. Looking for a great hack build. What do you think about these parts? Intel q6600 DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS P35 Motherboard EVGA 8800GTX 512mb
  7. [Sell] Hackintosh desktop and headless ibook G4

    Can you give me more info about the desktop processor? Is that just a hyper threaded processor, or is it a dual core? What socket type is it? Would you be interested in just selling the modified case? I am assuming it would fit any standard atx board?