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How to burn kalyway iso


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I have the dumbest question ever...

so please bare with me.. I have installed mac os x tiger.. it was on my dell inspiron 1501.

it worked. but i messed around with it and it quit working. im not worried about making it work though.

I downloaded the kalyway ISO for leopard.

How can i burn this ISO so it can be bootable? what program do I use?

I don't remember what i used or how I did it.

I have alcohol 120% I also have magicISO.

I have wasted a few dvd r's im down to two left :(

please answer asap... I want to burn Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd.iso to a dvd r

I want it to be bootable.

that's all I need help with (for now)

please and thank you...

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i had similar problems with poweriso before. i think i actually managed to burn one perfectly but i forgot the settings. so now i use roxio that came with mine.


i wasted about 16 dvd-r discs, so now i just use rw.


anyway im sure u can get nero or roxio, if only for trial, to do it.

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I tried to do mine with nero and wasted about 4 discs trying it. I did it with power iso heres what i did. Open up the kalyway or whatever iso first then select burn and do it on 4x or 8x to make sure its all on there and it should be bootable.

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I got it to burn using power iso.... it worked.. because im posting from leopard on my inspiron 1501 right now.

everything worked out of the box.. well almost. i did have to move a couple drivers because i accidentally selected them.. nothing that going into single user mode and a couple easy commands wouldn't fix.

my sound doesn't work though.

one that did {censored} me off majorly.. i was in the disk utility i had 3 small partitions and one huge on for vista.. i had the top mac partition selected. then chose one partition :) and well im sure you know what happened next.

good thing all my songs were on my ipod touch though.... but i had nothing else backed up at all.

once in os x i did make the ctrl button command.. oh and here is a screen shot i'll look for a better wallpaper. i just chose this one because i didn't have one yet.


here is the screenshot... it didn't show the dual core processor but i clicked on system profiler and it shows that i have two processors... so that is working.


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