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iatkos 2.0i and vmware KP

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how do I get vmware to even boot the install dvd far enough to attempt an install, it identifies the kernel in iatkos 2.0i then KPs

what do I need to do, I just want to get this atleast working a bit, enough to boot >.<, I've used this iso for a native install before, never used any form of virtualization before though >.< any and all help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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here's what I posted in that link, I'll post it here too and hope someone can help.


thanks for directing me by the way.


 The buslogic SCSI adapter is not supported for 64-bit guests in this release. Please consult the documentation for the appropriate type of SCSI adapter to use with 64-bit guests.
Failed to configure virtual device scsi0.

that's the error message I get, any workaround for osx?


edit - and when attempting to run without the 64bit tag I KP, getting a screenshot of exactly where in verbose mode now, it'll be up in a minute (using -v -x -f.


edit2 - here's the first place it stops for a while, not sure if this was the spot it was kp'ing or not Untitled1.jpg


edit 3 - okay next snag in the boot Untitled.jpg

ignore the last two lines, I was typing in it by accident and then tried to put a disclaimer so no one takes it wrong >.<


edit 4- okay, it didn't move past that, now trying just -x without verbose to see how long it takes to kp


I got this error message




now I have a little almost no smoking sign over the apple, is that normal, I never thought using vmware would be harder than a native install >.<


edit 5- odd no more kp, it looks like it'll just sit at the apple logo forever now, in meantime here's some information, my system specs are in my sig, I'm using the same version that I did for a native install in vmware workstation 6.5, I have 540mb of ram allocated, and am trying to boot it fdirectly from the iatkos ISO, haven't even gotten to the nice installer yet, if anyone has faced these issues before please do tell, and if not I may look into dualbooting osx and vista.


woot, with a little bit of skill, and a lot of being bored and common sense, I let it sit in verbose mode for a while and say all the faults, I made a new virtual machine and it's loading now, looks like it's going to work, I have a cursor and a background now.


and now the longest error report ever seen xD

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