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  1. Not sure specifically about 1080p editing as I don't have a camera that supports it, but the GPU in the current generation MBP is a huge leaps forward over both the 9400M and the 9600M, I figure if it runs games at that resolution without lagging video editing shouldn't be much of an issue, although I would wait a bit on here for a more finite answer. Some comparisons I noticed (gaming) that at least give an idea of the boost in performance. MBP 2008, 2.4 GHz model (second one up from the bottom of the line) Assassin's Creed 2 :30-35 fps Crysis: 15-20 frames (higher if the water is turned down) WoW: 35-45 fps (on ultra) MBP late 2010, base model. Assassin's Creed 2: 50-70 fps Crysis: 25-45 fps (just slightly below max settings, the water slows it down) WoW (lowest noticed is about 45 fps in Dal, highest was 148 in many random open areas.)
  2. Gateway ID49C

    Just looking at the system specs this laptop looks like a pretty close MBP 15" clone, so I was wondering, has it been hackintoshed, if so what were the results? I'm considering picking this up, but I'm having a hard time finding information such as the MoBo, NIC, and sound card. If anyone has one would you care to tell me if it supports any version of OS X? If the fans work and it supports OS X this notebook does boast almost identical features, more USB ports, and a 10% higher 3D Mark score. Product Page (Future Shop Canada) A Decent Review Here's to hoping for the best. =D
  3. World of Warcraft - Hackintosh Guild

    I am so in, I'm on Laughing Skull, and I play Horde, running on a GMA 950 at about 55fps! I get like 12 fps in windows, and even better it runs cooler in OS X than Windows. =D
  4. So my card is a Realtek ALC268, cool, time to look for a driver/kext for it! Thanks for the help, I'm just hunting for working drivers now, so far everything I try I lose all audio >.<
  5. I don't have windows, nor do I have a dvd burner at the moment to install Linux, is there a way to identify my sound card in OS X, I think it was some form of Intel HDA card, I really just want to get my headphone jack working (doesn't work in Ubuntu either, I remember this from previous installs.) System Information in OS X: lists this for it: Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x1179FF02 Is there a solution, or a way to identify the card with that hex based ID? if so, does anyone know a working solution, I'm running Iatkos v5i anything higher than that KPs on first boot.
  6. 10.6.2 on Toshiba Satellite A200-AH6

    Installing 10.5.5 now as a base to upgrade from and to prepare any required files, issues so far: - 1 Kernel Panic, cause may be actual hardware fault. - Forgot PS/2 Drivers and had to reinstall. - Installed two kernels (SpeedStep and Vanilla) by accident and had to reinstall.
  7. Introduction: Okay so on Monday I finally get my old Hackbook back from the repair shop (it underwent some fairly vast electrical incidents which also killed two monitors, a stereo and a set of speakers.) So for the first time in a rather long time I intend to install OS X on it, I am planning on finding a 10.6.2 distribution and following some general guides. If you have any advice about installing on this system, or recent changes to the procedure as well please tell me, the last install I did was with iATKOS v4i to setup 10.5.4. Specs: - 2 512 Mb 200 pin So-Dimm DDR2 RAM Sticks (Working as of 10.5) - Intel Core Duo Processor T2450 (2.0GHz, 533MHz FSB, L1 Cache 32KB/32KB, L2 Cache 2MB) (Working as of 10.5) - 160 GB SATA HDD (Working as of 10.5) - Intel Pro Wireless 3945A/B/G (probably never going to work) - Intel GMA 950 (945GM Express) with 256 Mb shared DDR2 RAM (Working as of 10.5) - Broadcom (10/100 integrated Ethernet LAN) (working as of 10.5) - Realtek ALC861 Software Sound 16-bit stereo; Intel High Definition Audio, Built-in stereo speakers, Direct 3D Sound, DirectSound, DirectMusic, MIDI(playback). (Works to a limited extent, no headphone support without turning off main speakers, problem also persists in most Linux distributions.) Estimated Value of laptop: 300 $ CDN (320$ USD) Past Issues: - No Wifi (probably won't ever have it in this book, although I do have a free express card slot.) - Past Issues with fan throttling and adjustment once OS X is booted up, hoping my new kitty fixes this up, if not system adjusts fan after system warms up and is restarted. - Headphones do not shut off speakers when inserted, I'm sure there's a simple fix for this. - Sleep results in Kernel Panic on wake, and subsequent boot, often requires re-installation of the operating system to remedy the issue. Intent: Should this install go well and people provide good hardware based advice I should like to write an install guide for this laptop so that others with this somewhat common laptop can enjoy the beauty that is OS X and hopefully go out and buy a Mac someday. -- Magic.
  8. Buying this laptop today at the cost of replacing my power cables for my old hack, any advice?
  9. iMac i7: Which Vehicle Goes Well

    What ever it is you're smoking please do share! It took me a while to even realize what the heck you were saying...
  10. What is the iPod Touch capable of (graphics wise)

    I would pay full-retail price to have katamari on my iTouch. =D
  11. So my old HackBook Pro finally died (a vastly upgraded Toshiba Satellite A200) after many years of excellent service (MoBo went.) For the first time ever I am in the market for a used Mac laptop, I am in search of any advice you may have to offer, and expectations for what I would expect to pay, my wish list is as follows; I know there are compromises to be made: -at least 1Ghz (CD,C2D, or PPC) -at least 1 gig of ram (possibly 756 mb-ish) -a decent battery (at least 1 hour and 40 minutes so it makes it through a lecture.) -Wifi (I only need b/g no n required) -decent case condition (scratches are no big deal, but a growing crack could be a problem.) -Larger sized HDD, I have a lot of music and would like to be able to do some light WoW playing on campus I am mostly interested in Powerbook G4s, iBook G4s, et-cetera. Is it reasonable to expect to find this for under 250$ (I would consider bartering in an iPod touch G1 8gig (MA Series) towards this purchase.) Does anyone have any advice about these lines of computers (good or bad tips welcome,) anything else I should know before buying a somewhat older Mac? Anyone know of a reputable online retailer or, even better, one in the Greater Toronto Area? Does this look like a good deal,I would be doing local pickup, it's a short subway trip away: iBook, Ebay Canada.
  12. What to do with iMac

    A toaster, and a griddle to make breakfast in!
  13. Toshiba A200

    Most of that looks fine, I had issues with audio in an A200 AH6, the graphics card may stun you in what it can do outside of the NT environment. It should run well, no card reader should your model support it, or webcam, and only my left hand side USB ports worked. I found 10.5 to work way better, and newer iatkos distributions run almost perfectly and install really fast. FYI: This belongs in the pre-installation section, not here, you'll probably get better support than what I offered there too. Best of luck, and enjoy your hackintoshing!
  14. How do i open exe files

    this thread made my day ^^ .exe won't run in OS X because OS X = UNIX and .exe = NT proprietary file extension UNIX != NT . . . OS X != WINDOWS . . . = THEREFOR != = inequality/does not equate
  15. would the deivce ID be the same in windows vista (hardware ID), I don't see device ID listed anywhere >.< (is not a windows person)