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OS X suddenly broken?

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Hi all,


So I'm running 10.5.3 (orig. install was Kalyway 10.5.2 disc) and all of the sudden my system performance is wretched. It will be fine for a few seconds then lockup (spinning wheel) for 15-30 seconds and then its okay again for a bit again (usually less than a minute) and it keeps doing it.  I did some QuickTime 7.something update (required reboot) and it wasn't bad after the reboot, but then I updated my iLife progs (updates were for iPhoto, iMovie and one other one), so I had those download and install. Went upstairs for about an hour, came back down and it was frozen with the "You must shutdown your computer... hold the power button...etc" message. Judging from the clock's time when it froze, it was about 40 minutes after I had left so I assume that the updates downloaded and installed a-okay. After I rebooted though it's been doing the lock-up thing ever since.


Any ideas please??





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boot from DVD orr try booting in safe mode -s option and go to disk utils and repair the permissions.



OS upgrades , the airport update some security updates.


Wish you luck and if it does not work you will have to reinstall

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