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Cocoa Application Question


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Hi to all,


have some "free" time i deiced to develop an osx cocoa application

but since out there are soo much , my idea was to do some new or some very useful


the question for what type of cocoa application

you will like to see





or any useful app who for example exist on windoze but not on osx


any ideas are much appreciated





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Well if is possible here is one idea: Asus notebook keys LINK - Source

Dunno if is just a nick coincidence but the author have the same nick as yours :P

It will be really cool to have such a app on OS X.




L.E. Also there are so many archive manager but none cant do such a simple job as multiple archive/split...

Another one utorrent was a project but is on "hold" for so long, i miss it :)

Not to mention Total Commander, Disk Order is an alternative but is not like the original...

I know I can run all this on crossover, but is not native...

And winamp... i hate itunes.

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