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  1. @Pavo I have no idea why you scratch your back with a hammer... The eeprom flashing guide is a permanent solution to change MAC address or fix checksum, that is @ Heideana problem or... change device ID of the NIC, hope you don't think Apple use special 82574L chip....
  2. I don't want you to feel offended but I will recommend you to find a more skilled person that has the minimum experience to follow the guidelines I posted for eeprom flash. From the message you received on dos prompt it is clearly that you are not doing it correctly.
  3. Make sure you have lan.eep in the root of usb stick as the eeupdate.exe and celo.exe, do not mess with the stick or files on osx, it is known to kill fat content especial if you opened/edited the lan.eep on osx. I think there is now the efi version of eeupdate and celo, you can try to find those and do the checksum fix from built in UEFI Shell.
  4. THe KiNG

    Clover General discussion

    I got it very right, and is funny that I don't remember you been around "since they started making intel macs", maybe you used a different nick, may I guess one or you will bring the light to my old brain? ROFL I don't have a (big) problem with people asking for donations in a decent way, I do with those who make it aggressive like you did and on top of that with those who make a condition of work "donate so I can continue" is clearly equal with "if you do not donate or the goal for this month(another condition) is not reached you will not deliver..." That ^^ is what pissed me, the manner you did it, the frequencies etc. This is not your forum, if you want to beg for money do it in private or own blog/site.
  5. THe KiNG

    Clover General discussion

    @ apianti you are "working" for 7 years and you think is time for asking donations? What about those who started and pushed this osx86 "scene" how many you saw asking for donations, and how much did they worked before you even started or found what is osx86? Do you think you are the only one who is sick or needs money for various reasons, medical or not? Do what we all do, get a job, and if you can't start a blog like other "famous" coders did and ask there for money, please don't plague this forum with those yellow DONATE buttons. Thanks! .
  6. THe KiNG


    I really dunno why you try to be "suborn" so hard, all the original poster wanted to say is that he want it as a separate .pkg as all EDK pkg's are w/o importing and fixing various clover.dec apianti.dec mussroms.dec etc.dec
  7. THe KiNG

    EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 That ^^ was the funny part with no comment. Maybe my English is not so good, but I also read it as "stolen intellectual property", and a normal way to solve it is to talk first, in private, about it. We saw several times stuff like this on one of the SheHe's sick imaginary alias with a side effect of adding credits for every damn byte patch or even a SMBios dump for a new (i)mac... Since you made it public IMHO you should just say "I'm sorry" about that, in public, then both of you go back to bench and saving precious time for the actual development. Yes I know Download-Fritz has a big mouth(should I say fingers?) and sometimes he rush in taking decisions, is what I love and hate about him, but we should accept us as we are otherwise we all left and close the door. P.S. the d i c k is stolen property(usually I am accused for being a..) so stay in line...
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    You can't is disabled.
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    @ Download-Fritz we really shouldn't bother to reply on such people. @ griven when I read what you are typing, the first sensation is vomit, I wont bother to say more except that AOS board has NO NVRAM issue, probably a dead brain on the other side... Patience is a virtue, for those who have it, for the others I don't give a f***k. 00:360 00:000 ScanFileSystem: Started 00:360 00:000 PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x11,0x4)/Sata(0x0,0xFFFF,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,95193594-E380-4A16-9BA9-6E023F10FB3E,0x64028,0x6F68EE0)/VenMedia(BE74FCF7-0B7C-49F3-9147-01F4042E6842,4D29C09E3A1AAD41BB27AA5142D853CF) 00:361 00:001 Blessed File \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi 00:362 00:000 Blessed Folder \System\Library\CoreServices 00:377 00:015 Version \System\Library\CoreServices\SystemVersion.plist 477 00:378 00:000 Product Version 10.13 00:378 00:000 Product Build 17A405 00:380 00:002 Config 90 00:380 00:000 IsBootable 1 IsCoreStorage 0 IsRaid 0 IsRecovery 0 00:380 00:000 Convert 1F8E0C02-58A9-4E34-AE22-2B63745FA101:DarwinDiskTemplate="$label" -> "HighSierra" 00:380 00:000 Matched Boot0000 "HighSierra" 00:380 00:000 PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x11,0x4)/Sata(0x0,0xFFFF,0x0)/HD(2,GPT,95193594-E380-4A16-9BA9-6E023F10FB3E,0x64028,0x6F68EE0)/VenMedia(BE74FCF7-0B7C-49F3-9147-01F4042E6842,4D29C09E3A1AAD41BB27AA5142D853CF)/\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi (0xBE) 00:380 00:000 Options (0x00) 00:380 00:000 Attributes 1 00:380 00:000 ScanFileSystem: Finished
  11. THe KiNG


    That happen when you use google to translate from chinese... This one I got it today in the mail: I am still trying to understand what he want to say ROFL...
  12. On manual it clearly say if single GFX card is used then use first PCIe port next to the CPU. Anyway I don't think this is the issue, but how you configure the card in BIOS, if on initialization is set to Legacy only, GTX 1080 most likely will not work(require UEFI init) only God know how nVidia designed this card VBIOS, try to set Legacy first or UEFI only on graphics initialization. If you have image on BIOS screen then GFX card is proper initializated.
  13. THe KiNG


    I think a better answer you will get after you try and share the result with everyone.
  14. THe KiNG


    You need to understand that theme is strict relation with Ozmosis Interface implementation, so all you can do is to use existing features that are implemented already, or wait for future implementations/releases.
  15. THe KiNG


    That is correct but is not my project. H256 was designed for high DPI displays and was supposed to be implemented the same way Apple have, i.e. if high DPI resolution found load high resolution images if not smaller one, this is very helpful to have a nice looking theme on high DPI displays and also on tablets/touch screen displays(yes Ozmosis have touch screen support) where on small display size with high DPI small icons are almost impossible to touch... Interface is the work of main developer not mine, I had an attempt with it but had luck and I was saved by BlackFrog who designed and implemented the current theme. As far I know background image is not implemented yet, only color. P.S. While om UI(UserInterface) pressing F10 will take screenshot on the root of EFI partition...