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Help on installing OSx86 on a Dell Inspiron 2200


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Can anyone give me help on installing a version of OSx86 on this laptop? I have tried several OSx86 projects, but after trying to install, it hangs at a bluescreen, like a light blue screen. Can anyone give me any ideas? It is a Pentium M with an Intel 915 graphics card.

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Hanging at light blue screen is good. Basically it is treating your laptop screen as secondary monitor. Connect an External monitor, finish the install and you can enable your laptop screen later with natit

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When I do it that way, i can get to the mac install screen, however, the install info is way out of range of a 19" Widescreen LCD and you can only see a quarter of the actual screen, no way an install can be done like that. Any suggestions?

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That is odd, was the 19" LCD connected to the laptop before the laptop was turned on?

I managed to install on my Dell Latitude D620 (GMA950) by connecting an external monitor (17" CRT) and Kalyway 10.5.1

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There is no 915 Graphics, it is the chipset

Insipiron 2200 shipped with Intel GMA 900 Integrated Graphics

Read the thread that I linked above. It is for both Intel GMA900 and GMA950 on Jas 10.5.4

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I've just installed iDeneb 1.4 (OS X 10.5.6) onto a Japanese Dell Inspiron 2200.


Celeron M 1.3

1.25GB RAM


Intel Pro 10/100 VE LAN

14-ish LCD

Nice sounding speakers (AC97 soundcard)



The reason I'm listing the specs here is that this laptop sells used for under $100 here (without the upgraded RAM and HDD but who cares...).


It got a 66 in a quick Xbench benchmark, which I recall is about as fast as a Thinkpad X60/T60.


The install was quite a pain in the ass as there is very little info out there for a Leopard install walkthrough.


Here is what I ended up with;


Distribution: iDeneb 1.4

Partition table: MBR

Kernel: Voodoo

Network: Intel Pro 10/100 VE

Audio: AC97

Chipset: ICHx

Video: GMA900

Fixes (maybe optional): Seatbelt, IOPCICard


That installs fine, but then for the Ethernet, I needed to patch it with my devices ID as in this post:




My Vendor/Device string became 0x10688086 and the extension file to change wasn't in the same location as in that thread, it was simply under System/Library/Extensions/


I used KextHelper after modifying it to reinstall it.


I lost Ethernet again after a reinstall/some updates, so I just dropped it into Kexthelper again and now it seems to be stable.


I used osx86tools to enable Quartz GL.


Core Image stuff seems to be working fine. Sleep works. Audio switches between speakers/headphones when inserted.


Graphics is on 1024x768 at the moment, I think it has a higher native resolution which should work when overridden as a boot option, but the 1024x768 is quite nice on this screen and doesn't look blurry or warped at all, so am just using it like that.


I haven't looked at any of the Wifi stuff, not sure if this one has a wifi card or not (is actually a friend's laptop and haven't looked inside it yet).


Nothing needed to be changed in the Dell crappy BIOS. Just set everything back to defaults and change only the Boot sequence as you like. No VGA dongle tricks needed, either!


I've installed OSX on more powerful hardware, but I am really enthused about this install as it offers a sub-$100 Leopard notebook with decent performance!


Any questions, please ask away. PM me if I don't respond in a hurry :)









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