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  1. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    any word on wether the 4.2 (rev 909) version works with hackintoshes or patch infos?
  2. Buffali wli-uc-gn, no device!

    I also had one of these before until I lost it (too small!). Costs only $20 here in Japan, so I picked up another today.. try this site, I'm about to reinstall and will try this way, I just used Relinks drivers last time and it seemed fine, but basically this page says to install the driver as usual, then modify the kext as shown in the pic: Japanese website explaining OS X install of WLI-UC-GN
  3. Anyone using SSD harddrives?

    the idea is to use them for booting from as they are insanelyfast if you want 6TB of storage (and I'm sure you're backing that up with another 6TB, right??), then hook those up as storage. there's no reason you should be booting off the same volume which holds 100's of GBs of data, its totally risky and a pain to move your data around each time you need to tinker with your OS...
  4. Anyone using SSD harddrives?

    I'll second that. I have the Intel X25-M G2, one of the fastest CONSUMER grade SSDs. Not too expensive @ about $220. Performance is amazing in my desktop. At first, I tried it in my Acer Aspire A150 Netbook hackintosh, but it couldn't make that machine fast enough to use for work. Putting it into my Desktop Celeron D 1.8 machine with 4GB RAM and a GeForce 8600+ 256MB made a big performance leap from the old 7.2kprm S-ATA which was in it and making lots of crunching noise... Here are the before and after Xbench scores for the drive: S-ATA: Full Xbench - 91.4 Disk Xbench - 46.33 X25-M: Full Xbench - 115.95 Disk Xbench - 230.48 Pretty amazing performance upgrade. Now the bottleneck is my CPU for the first time since PII days (wouldn't playback DVDs without like a PIII 500 I think...)
  5. I've been playing with this today on an Aspire One A150, originally running iAtkos 10.5.7 Pretty much everything worked, upgrades to 10.6.1 and net and sound still work as in 10.5.7, but I'm stuck on the GMA950 kexts (no go in 10.6 or 10.6.1 yet). A couple of times I've been stuck and not able to get in even with single user mode as someone mentioned above. At those times, I boot from the iAtkos DVD, mount my HD and clear the kexts and kextcache and I can get back in... Not sure what I'm doing wrong not to be able to get the GMA950 drivers happening, possibly my Chameleon is too old? Anyone have any luck using kexthelper or osx86tools to install the GMA950 kexts on this thread? well, I seem to have killed it for good this time My Chameleon is green and says "v2.0-RC1 r" so I'm guessing it's a bit old... Will do a reinstall of iAtkos i7 10.5.7 and try again...
  6. SUCCESS! Hi, I've just installed iDeneb 1.4 (OS X 10.5.6) onto a Japanese Dell Inspiron 2200. Celeron M 1.3 1.25GB RAM 160GB HDD Intel Pro 10/100 VE LAN 14-ish LCD Nice sounding speakers (AC97 soundcard) USB2 The reason I'm listing the specs here is that this laptop sells used for under $100 here (without the upgraded RAM and HDD but who cares...). It got a 66 in a quick Xbench benchmark, which I recall is about as fast as a Thinkpad X60/T60. The install was quite a pain in the ass as there is very little info out there for a Leopard install walkthrough. Here is what I ended up with; Distribution: iDeneb 1.4 Partition table: MBR Kernel: Voodoo Network: Intel Pro 10/100 VE Audio: AC97 Chipset: ICHx Video: GMA900 Fixes (maybe optional): Seatbelt, IOPCICard That installs fine, but then for the Ethernet, I needed to patch it with my devices ID as in this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;mode=linear My Vendor/Device string became 0x10688086 and the extension file to change wasn't in the same location as in that thread, it was simply under System/Library/Extensions/ I used KextHelper after modifying it to reinstall it. I lost Ethernet again after a reinstall/some updates, so I just dropped it into Kexthelper again and now it seems to be stable. I used osx86tools to enable Quartz GL. Core Image stuff seems to be working fine. Sleep works. Audio switches between speakers/headphones when inserted. Graphics is on 1024x768 at the moment, I think it has a higher native resolution which should work when overridden as a boot option, but the 1024x768 is quite nice on this screen and doesn't look blurry or warped at all, so am just using it like that. I haven't looked at any of the Wifi stuff, not sure if this one has a wifi card or not (is actually a friend's laptop and haven't looked inside it yet). Nothing needed to be changed in the Dell crappy BIOS. Just set everything back to defaults and change only the Boot sequence as you like. No VGA dongle tricks needed, either! I've installed OSX on more powerful hardware, but I am really enthused about this install as it offers a sub-$100 Leopard notebook with decent performance! Any questions, please ask away. PM me if I don't respond in a hurry Cheers, Leon
  7. 10.5.6 on MSI G31M3-f

    Ethernet is now working. I searched the forum and found what looked like many tricky ways to get it working and a hacky way to get it working, so I tried the booting to XP, then enabling wake on lan, then booting back to OS X and it is now downloading all the automagic updates from Apple at a good speed. Before this, it would show in System Prefs and would even get a DHCP address assigned correctly, just couldn't see the outside world. Machine is zippy enough as is. If I am able to make some $$ this year will lash out and get a Dual or Quad and max out the ram. I have an 8600GT in wifey's hackintosh which I think will dissappear tonight so I can play some Hitman or GTA (there goes my money-making time!)
  8. 10.5.6 on MSI G31M3-f

    I also have this installed on an MSI G31M3-F V2. I used iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) Install only worked for me after using the modded BIOS from this forum topic and disabling USB Legacy Device support. I did not need to do cpus=1. My hardware: Celeron 1.8ghz 775 1GB 667 DDR2 SATA DVD and HDD Onboard everything else In the installer, I chose the following options: Voodoo Kernel 9.5 Realtek 1000 I didn't choose video or sound as the onboard video isnt supported anyway and I prefer USB sound. Ethernet isn't working yet which sucks, but I'm sure if I search there will be a manual way on these forums. Machine seems quite fast for a Celeron, am still typing this on my Wind U100 so will now try and get the network going and give some more feedback. Cheers, Leon
  9. MSI P45 NEO

    try a USB keyboard. PS/2 is standard for PCs, but has never been included on an Apple machine.
  10. MSI P45 NEO

    Hola bem, I didn't have time to play with the sound anymore, so I bought a USB sound adapter. Here, in Japan, it is about 1,900 yen (less than US$20). Plug it in and immediately have a sound output device (no input on this model adapter, but more expensive ones allow many options). I've been using this Hackintosh for work for almost a month now and no troubles. Still only 1 CPU core enabled, but it's super fast anyway! I don't know enough of how to take just the update to 10.5.4.... I would also like to apply the 10.5.5 to this, but I do not want to break this nicely working system until I have free time (and spare disk) to test... Hola sebarafaela, I tried many different osx86 images and the JaS was the only one which worked for me, and very easily! Good luck!
  11. MSI P45 NEO

    Success! Hi all, To follow up on yesterday's tinkering, I tried JaS 10.5.4 and it installed fine on the P45 Neo using the BIOS settings in my previous post. Graphics detected perfectly using the nVidia drivers there. I also selected 2 Intel ICHx related drivers/plugins but I'm not sure if they were needed or not. I didn't bother adding any sound drivers as I hadnt checked what card I'm running yet. Will redo the install later and post details here for any others wanting to do the same. BTW, it's definitely worth doing. Leopard runs super fast on this hardware and once you know what installer/settings to use, it's not much harder than any other OS install. Don't give up!
  12. Jas OSX 10.5.4 stuck at boot screen

    I'm not sure about how to do the BIOS on that dell. Hopefully there is a utility from Dell, but many recommend against doing anything BIOS related from inside Windows. Best do make a bootable floppy with the BIOS and BIOS flashing utility on it.... Google may help you here....
  13. Jas OSX 10.5.4 stuck at boot screen

    have you seen this thread? : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=105564
  14. Jas OSX 10.5.4 stuck at boot screen

    hmm, that sucks! I like Dells though for PC hardware if it cant be an Apple What is the model number of the Dell? Have you checked the osx86 Wiki to see if anyone has had success with it?
  15. Jas OSX 10.5.4 stuck at boot screen

    Hi Eric, When you say you had the same problem, do you mean it was rebooting or just not progressing to the installer/booting up? Maybe try adjusting the settings in your BIOS for the hard disk/DVD type to AHCI. You may need to set it, reboot, then go into BIOS and check your boot order again. (Windows wont like this, so change it back if you are going to boot Windows later)