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PCI Video?

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So I was donated an old ThinkCentre A50. Leo4All v3 got me up and running, now I must deal with my video...Intel865G


I was unable to find any promising news for getting 865G video to function right in Leopard. To complicate matters, there is no AGP or PCI-e on the motherboard.


Can I use a standard PCI card?


I assume geforce6200?



PNY VCG62256PEB GeForce 6200 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Video Card



Will this work?

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Really, even if it would work- your Display will be slow. Scrolling is awful also Games no way.


I would look for an "new" motherboard.

You get an even old P945 Board (with GMA 950) for less than 25 US$ at ebay.

This 25$ are also less than you must pay for an PCI with >= 64 MB VRAM - even if you buy it used at ebay !

Believe me: That GMA950 will be FASTER than yours with PCI - WHEN it will run.

Good Side effect:

you can use much newer CPU´s, not only old up to Pentium D !

E2160/E2180 are also really cheap (used at ebay) , faster than PentiumD and much cooler !

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I have the same situation and bought a pci geforce fx5200 - it works just fine, has qe/ci & runs 10.5.4 all day long. Don't expect huge speeds from old machines, but it is totally usable for all daily tasks. so basically, yes a 6200 will work. There is a lot of "inflation" in what graphics cards people think they need. Unless you are playing games or working in 3d, the cheapest cards are more than adequate, easily as good as intel GMA etc.

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in 10.4.8, I ran dual monitors at 2048x1536 each with a PCI 5200FX..... less than half the card that the 6200 is......


YES..... it didn't GAME worth a {censored}..... but it ran just fine, played video just fine, surfed the web etc... just fine.


and that was fine by me... I don't play FPS games, I don't play graphically intensive games.




In 10.5, I can only get it to display 1 monitor so far.... but a PCI 6200 is on my "Toys to buy list" when I see one cheap enough.


And yeah..... of course I'll try running PCI 6200 and PCI 5200 and PCIe card at the same time..... Damnit, I need a better motherboard.

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