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Installing Leopard In a Dell Latitude C640?

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is it possible?...


Tech Specs...

40 gig HD

pentium 4 m 2.4 ghz

512 MB of ram


Aktos v2.0 leopard 10.5.1 DVD

JaS 10.5.4 sse2 sse3 DVD


I just wanted to know if it works.

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i know this is an old thread, however im also trying this, thing is these laptops do not, or did not want to boot from there 1.0 usb port.


i have no idea why that would be, so what i believe we'd need to do i think ( an dont quote me on this ) is to:


1 take the hdd out

2 plug the hdd that you want to install osx onto, onto a caddy - whats a caddy ??? basically it turns the hdd into a pendrive either with its own power from the mains or a set of usb plugs for power


3 so now you have your hdd out the laptop and into a caddy, so we plug it onto a machine thats already running osx or windows (handy LOL)

4 boot up whatever version of the osx platform you want from its setup on that working machine and pick the caddy to install to..


5 i think that might work i will be trying it when my new working hdd comes and let you know if i can how i get on


im going to be aiming for 10.5 minimum an i'll try Kalyway an maybe Idenebe any version of 10.5 by them, not too sure about IPC might be far too advanced because it will come with loads of stuff




im going to try making a pendrive install on my other laptop which is a dell latitude CPx !!!!


going to make a pen drive install and use a cd of rboot to boot from cd / usb !!!


well ill try it soon and let you know how both work out !!! < just seen Rboot only boots 10.6 onwards but i'll try it for 10.5 too


right i did this BUT i get a boot error then chameleon boots


SO recap


its rebooting on me with this



Dell Latitude CPx

im firstly trying to boot up via a CD rom only drive chimera (errors out - reboots same with chameleon 2.1 last 10.5 version by niresh and friends)


however i think that the last version of chameleon 1 might work better


what ive gone and done is to take my 160GB IDE 2.5in Hdd out of this machine and like i said plug it onto another machine via a usb caddy that supports ide and sata drives and on that machine i booted up Kalyway 10.5.2 and in there (the installer) i formatted the usb'ed on hdd to mac osx journaled or whatever its called and then ran the installer it succeeded after about 30 to 40 minutes i then hit reboot/restart and when back at my bios screen i hit the power button and made sure it was fully off, then i unplugged the usb's from the machine which obviously turned off the HDD (the action of unplugging it) and then plugged it back onto the DELL L* CPx so i now think i need a better boot loader as in "-v" its loading everything


but then its rebooting on me...


any ideas i at the moment only have a CD Rom drive and 1 x 1.0 usb with the obvious others like serial port lpt (printer) port + docking port etc


and on this machine chameleon the lastest ones reboot before showing there boot logo or selection screens.

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