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  1. is it possible?... Tech Specs... 40 gig HD pentium 4 m 2.4 ghz 512 MB of ram Aktos v2.0 leopard 10.5.1 DVD JaS 10.5.4 sse2 sse3 DVD I just wanted to know if it works.
  2. OSX86 on Dell Latitude C640 - Up and running

    How Does Your Sound Work? i have the same laptop with OS X86 Maxxuss Patch, and my sound does not work! can you explain how did you get it to work, or the patch version you used? Thanks! oh, and also i have 10.4.1 (sorry for the double post)
  3. Sound Help!

    Thank God Someone Answered Me! oh and thanks for the information!
  4. Sound Help!

    so i joined insanely mac forums for nothing?.....
  5. Sound Help!

    i'm dying to hear sounds from my new hackintosh (i own another intel mac)
  6. Sound Help!

  7. Sound Help!

    I Have A Dell Latitude C640, and i need a sound card driver (Crystal 4205 Audio). is there a substitute driver for this sound card? or o i hve to implement a patch? someone help!?!