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Update to 10.5.4 with Zephs ASU - No GUI


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I got Leo4allv3 installed, and updated to 10.5.4 on my AMD machine.


When i boot I the GUI doesnt come up and there doesnt seam to be any errors.


I have NVkush installed, reedited the NV*.kexts to have my device ID but it still doesnt give me a GUI.


I had to put the old AppleACPI kext in to boot past ACPI errors.


I have a 7800GT card, mobo is Nforce4.


Any ideas? Without any errors it's hard to figure out where to look.




Ok, Nevermind. There was a " in a Info.plist file that shouldnt have been there, removing that it booted.... diff is a handy tool :excl:


Gota GUI Now.


But About this Mac still logs me out and I have no USB2.0 speeds. Any ideas on that?

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