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  1. helfire

    I donated to Kalyway... now what?

    No one is going to mail you a DVD. What URL asked for a donation? Who's email did you send the money to? I'm assuming any donations would be twards thanks for his effort, not for something in return.
  2. Hi, I got Leo4allv3 installed, and updated to 10.5.4 on my AMD machine. When i boot I the GUI doesnt come up and there doesnt seam to be any errors. I have NVkush installed, reedited the NV*.kexts to have my device ID but it still doesnt give me a GUI. I had to put the old AppleACPI kext in to boot past ACPI errors. I have a 7800GT card, mobo is Nforce4. Any ideas? Without any errors it's hard to figure out where to look. Ok, Nevermind. There was a " in a Info.plist file that shouldnt have been there, removing that it booted.... diff is a handy tool Gota GUI Now. But About this Mac still logs me out and I have no USB2.0 speeds. Any ideas on that?
  3. helfire

    Leo4allv3 finished and released

    Carlos: It unpacks fine, reverify your local data, use something other than stuffit (lots of unrar utils, search macupdate) The torrent is fine, tpb and demon are exactly the same torrent.
  4. helfire

    10.5 AMD best installation

    Be sure to check out the known issues, would have saved me 2 hours if I knew about it earlier! http://osx86.wikidot.com/known-issues Good luck. My only problem was nforce4 Lan, but i have dual lan so i just used the 2nd one! Zeph also has Rev2 in the works, if you get suck maybe wait for it.
  5. helfire

    When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    except then you'll be committing a felony lol Nice to see fellow MN'ers here.
  6. helfire

    Radeon Xpress 200M

    Thanks for the effort, my old HP laptop could use better support!
  7. Add a *me too* to this question
  8. I swear i searched for every term i could think of hehe. even asked on irc (pretty dead there) But thanks. I'm getting .8 now, noticing more .7 bugs
  9. Hi, gota fresh install of JaS 10.4.7, installed all drivers i needed, seamingly running fine. But whenever i double click a .pkg installer, the first window comes up, and the application stops responding, just get a beach ball and have to force quit it. (tried xcode/itunes/fink/few others) Dont see any logs in the console, dont know where i should start looking. Thanks for any help.
  10. helfire

    What web browser are you using? *State Here*

    gota url for Shiiva? googling it i only find openShiiva which is some video stuff.
  11. there is no such option, you just doulbe click an app and it runs. If you dont have an SSE3 machine you need to have a patched roseta to run PPC apps. Safari is a universal binary so rosetta doesnt need to run it.
  12. helfire

    How Many Progs can YOU run?

    hehe, welcome to the world of macosx (my G4 500mhz can do that ) Multitasking is much more responcive in osx than windows.
  13. helfire

    Adiumx 0.90 Cvs Intel Build (stable!)

    keep up the builds on adium can you document what you've changed? I tried to compile it but kept getting errors compiling gaimlib. thanx
  14. lo0 is your local loopback address (ie: or localhost) it's not a network addapter per say. type ifconfig and you'll get a list of devices, yours will probably be en0 or en1, try the command again with the appropreate device.