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Problem with CPU Fan on laptop

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Good afternoon! I install Leo4All v3 on the laptop. Has updated system to version 10.5.4


Problem: after 10-15 minutes work of system, starting very strongly to rotate CPU Fan, with strong noise and does not stop any more

Tell me please, what I need to make to result work CPU Fan in norm? Thanks!


P.S. Excuse, at me bad English:-))



My HackBook:

HP Pavilion dv6180ea, Leo4Allv3 10.5.2->10.5.3->Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)

Kernel: Darwin 9.4.0

Core 2 Duo, T5600, 1.83 GHz

Chipset ICH-7M, RAM: 2Gb


VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce 7400, 256Mb

HD Audio with Azalia

Bluetooth dongle

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Does your machine have QE/CI supported? if not, it's being done in software, which will cause high cpu load, this the fan being on all the time.

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You probably need to take it apart and clean the fluff out of the heatsink. A bit of air from outside won't shift it. Look if there's a flap on the back which gives you access. DE626645-2748-3D95-A60E-59AEC61FCF6F1.03.01

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