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  1. James cuck

    left for dead 2 ( mac )

    Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter game. It is the sequel to Valve Corporation's award-winning Left 4 Dead.
  2. James cuck

    OSX Virus?

    Apple’s Mac OS X software has been hit by a mischievous instant messaging virus – the first ever to target the platform.
  3. James cuck

    I've broken my MacBook screen :(

    It's going to cost about $500 to replace just that component so I've decided to just upgrade to a Macbook Pro
  4. James cuck

    Best Webcam?

    OK, I got solution myself. To be able to record video clip with audio from Photo Booth by using QuickCam, it is required to set System_preference_ Sound_input to QuickCam first before opening Photo Booth and the Cam. (if you open photo booth first before setting system_preference, you'll record no sound.)
  5. James cuck

    USB3 on Mac?

    I personally wonder if Apple will ever release USB 3.0 support. A couple of months ago, Intel demonstrated a new kind of universal interface called LightPeak using OS X. People initially thought they were using a Hackintosh, but it turned out they were using a prototype Mac Pro MoBo, which implied Apple support
  6. James cuck

    Most addictive Mac games

    World of Goo Bejeweled Pangea Arcade Multiwinia Enigmo 2 Peggle Etch A Sketch Classic Solitaire Jumpman Mac Games Arcade If you’re not sure where to start, any of the games mentioned above can give you a good idea for what gaming on OS X has to offer. The big studio blockbusters are worth checking out, but a small budget can also provide a huge amount of entertainment.
  7. James cuck

    BBC iplayer License error

    hi im getting a problem with the licence when i play a downloaded program. it plays the 10 seconds of bbc logo then i get this window Media usage rights acquisition. bbc iplayer beta you do not have the licence to play this file to watch or listen to bbc content online,please visit bbc.co.uk
  8. James cuck

    Internet explorer 8 WineBottler

    If you are looking to install Internet Explorer 8 be aware that the developer of WineBottler warns both IE7 and IE8 are not particularly stable. I can confirm this, both crashed during testing the app but IE8 was particularly problematic. If you want to run Internet Explorer 8 in Mac OS I’d highly recommend just installing Parallels, VirtualBox, or VMWare with Windows, it’ll be far more stable.
  9. James cuck

    volume control doesn't work

    Hey guys, I tried this VoodooHDA version from insanelymac. It fixes volume keys - well, partially that is. When I get to about halfway down the bar, I can no longer hear anything; it's sort of like muted already. But it goes back up normally when I pump up the volume on full swing. It saves me from digging in Sys Pref to adjust PCM etc. PS. You won't need VoodooHDA prefPane for this. I think it's best that you set your volume as high as it can be via Sys Pref > VoodooHDA > PCM or something. Then install the new kext. Reboot and uninstall VoodooHDA prefPane.
  10. James cuck

    Toshiba Satellite T110

    Very neat and compact, great for on the move but also for everyday use. Screen is a good size. Good performance.
  11. James cuck

    Top 10 Applications for Hackintosh Netbooks

    List of Apps in order of launch : 1. Finder + Dashboard + Spaces 2. Stickies 3. Mail 4. Safari 5. Quicktime 6. iTunes 7. iPhoto 8. iMovie 9. Keynote 10. Numbers
  12. James cuck

    New netbook

    A netbook is a very useful little purchase. It makes even a regular notebook computer look huge and it truly has the ability to go anywhere. Today's netbooks are tiny little machines packed with a reasonable amount of power. You'll most likely get one gigabyte of RAM and a hard drive anywhere from 150 gigabytes to 300 gigabytes.
  13. James cuck

    How to format OS X disk partition

    If you want to use the partitions on Windows machines, make sure to choose FAT as the format type. DE626645-2748-3D95-A60E-59AEC61FCF6F1.03.01
  14. James cuck

    Problem with CPU Fan on laptop

    You probably need to take it apart and clean the fluff out of the heatsink. A bit of air from outside won't shift it. Look if there's a flap on the back which gives you access. DE626645-2748-3D95-A60E-59AEC61FCF6F1.03.01
  15. James cuck

    Anyone with an Acer Travelmate 5520g?

    I can't find a cheaper one after a quick look. Acer brand is ok. I've had one for a couple of years, I've also upgraded it to run Vista. I've never had any problems with mine.