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iAtkos v4 "MBR Error 3", "MBR Error 1"

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I tried installing the new iAtkos and am having problems getting it to boot into the profile setup. I have previously installed Kalyway and Leo4allv3 and updated to 10.5.4 with the same hardware so I know that everything should work if setup correctly.


Once I'm finished configuring/installing, my osx HD is not setup to be the active partition and goes into windows. After setting osx as active, I don't even get darwin, I get this error...


/*MBR Error 3


MBR Error 1


insert floppy to boot (or something of this nature)*/


I then tried to insert the install disk and let the countdown timer finish as this is forcing darwin to load, but as soon as the counter is complete, I see "darwin loading" and then the system immediately reboots. I assume that I'm probably setting up the boot partition incorrectly. Should I stick with MBR or try installing GUID? Is there any way to repair the MBR on the osx drive to get it to boot? Are there settings in the iAtkos installer that I haven't configured properly?






MSI Neo2-FR P35

8800GT 512

Windows Disk0s1

OSX Disk0s2

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I reformatted and reinstalled twice before posting. Any other ideas BlurKing? Any settings that I'm forgetting about? Are you running it with the same dual boot configuration?






try booting to iatkos install dvd and repair ur hdd using disk utility..


or reformat and reinstall.

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sorry i took so long...


I think you might have to reformat in GUID...


My computer setup is this actually...


Internal 150GB hdd (MBR):


1 Windows partition

1 Linux partition

2 No OS FAT32 partitions

1 No OS NTFS partition


External 80GB hdd (MBR):


1 iAtkos v1.0i (updated to 10.5.4)

1 No OS NTFS partition

1 No OS Mac OS X (case sentitive, journaled) partition



I'm triple booting Linux, Windows and Mac OS using Windows Vista bootloader


Sry my parents are back bye



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