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    Lion and SMB Workgroup Problem

    Thanks for all of your help guys. I do have it working now, but annoyingly I can only connect to samba by keying the IP address in windows explorer (win7-x64). I can't see the computer name in network, and if I try keying the computer name into explorer it just spits back an error that the computer can't be found. I have made the necessary changes in smb.conf (server string = DESKTOP-PC), and both computer are on the same workgroup. Are you guys seeing the computer showing up under network in explorer? Any help? Thanks again...
  2. I might as well throw in a quick hint... To smooth out fonts on some low quality third party displays like the one I'm using (Asus VH236H), use this terminal command "defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2" and reboot. Apparently some monitors are detected as CRT's and the font smoothing is shut off by default. btw... the install has been working flawlessly over the last few hours of testing/setup. I've also noticed that Lion has a much faster startup and shutdown compared to SL. I'm running on a dual boot SSD alongside Win2008r2, but I was also running SL on the exact same drive/partition and it's just so darn smooth.
  3. So I had some time today to install Lion and followed the guide line by line and everything worked without a single issue. I installed to MBR, so the USB drive I used was also formatted for MBR. I haven't done much testing yet, but considering the success rate so far in this thread I don't anticipate any problems. I'll keep you all posted as any issues arise. My mouse (logitech) had the scrolls reversed, and the touchpad section under system prefs where you can normally change the scroll direction was empty, so I used a small utility called Scroll Reverser (http://pilotmoon.com/scrollreverser/). Thanks to Eliade for the initial guide, and thanks to all who contribute to insanelymac. kk
  4. Great Eliade ;P. Thanks for the guide. I'll be following it at some point this week when I have some time. I generally run SL in MBR on a second partition (first being win server) of an SSD. Hopefully Lion is as easy to install on MBR as SL. Thanks again...
  5. Thanks Swavek. I'll make the necessary adjustments for speedstep and GPU. Only 2 kexts required are ALC889a.kext and fakesmc.kext? Thanks again, kk
  6. I haven't been around for a few months, but it looks like there's been quite a bit of dsdt progress for the ud3r. Swavek, any chance of posting your latest dsdt? Looks like you might have the slimmest install right now for our board. Thanks, kk