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Trying to install Leopard 10.5.2 on my HP laptop with SATA...


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Hello, I'm new to this forum and am looking for some help from all of you who have more experience in this than I do.


I've been working for months trying to get OSx86 installed on my HP Pavilipn dv6338se laptop. I have a 600MHz iBook G3, but I already have OS X on that, so that's no fun. I really want to run Leopard on my HP laptop and prove to my college professor that it CAN be done.


I've downloaded almost a half a dozen OSx86 installation ISOs. None of the 10.4 installations recognize my SATA drive, and I have no idea how to patch a DVD to add a kext to make it recognize them, if any kexts even exist. So, upon my first 10.5 download, I ran the install (each DVD boots into the install interface just fine!), and the 10.5 installation recognized my SATA hard drives! Too bad when I tried to begin installation, it gave me an error stating that it cannot write to my hard drive. I've formatted it under Windows, and then even attempted to format it in the OSx86 installation using Disk Utility, and still it refuses to do any I/O activity with my hard drive. I know the chipset is an nForce 430. Can someone please help me?!



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