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  1. ricki

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    Just thinking of my first kernel panic on this new lion stuff.
  2. As the pictures shows i'm running both cores on my almost cheap laptop and most of all i didn't really know what i did to get this working. it runs a now at a very low temperature and very very fast too. Can someone tell me if this laptop is 64bit arch as most of the processes running in the pic say 64bit! hp nx7300 snow leopard Yes i think it is 64bit machine just found out on hp website Operating System Preinstalled Genuine Windows Vista Business 32* Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic 32* Genuine Windows XP Professional SP2 Genuine Windows XP Home Edition SP2 FreeDOS Supported (select drivers available on http://www.hp.com) Genuine Windows Vista Business 64*† Genuine Windows Vista Enterprise 32/64*† Genuine Windows 2000 † 64-bit versions for Intel Core 2 Duo models only Certified SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
  3. ricki

    Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    hey guys i have the same problem getting kernel panic just like in the pic above any help would do good.
  4. works great! And my laptop now runs at 50*C cant hear the fan at all.
  5. ricki

    10.6 on a notebook HP nx7400

    what software did you use? put them in .rar or zip file then email to fiftypence50@yahoo.co.uk thx
  6. Hi, I am just if anyone could point me to a laptop that is best for snow leopard in terms of installation and usability. Any input welcomed.
  7. ricki

    Install MAC OS X on a laptop.

    are you using both processor or 1?
  8. ricki

    Install MAC OS X on a laptop.

    english please? parle anglais?
  9. ricki

    Snow Leopard on Toshiba L40?

    hi i am just started to install sl. what your position now?
  10. hey chokra freaky dude answer my questions - where does the extra folder comes from?
  11. in my previous attempt the step above wouldn't budge at all. it kept saying file/path does not exit. sudo cp /Volumes/Chameleon/boot /Volumes/Snow/ after trying one method previously to no avail - i couldn't even get past the initial stage. i ended up deleting my apple juice retail.dmg file by mistake due to anger. So i have decided to give your method a go. Although, it is different in some cases to others, where exactly do i get the extra folder or do i have to make one myself? N.B: i have already acquired the kexts and the tools required for installation.
  12. Guys am i suppose to install a bootloader?
  13. bump this is external disk FEMI:~ femi$ diskutil list disk1 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *465.8 Gi disk1 1: Apple_HFS SnowLeoInstaller 204.9 Gi disk1s1 2: Apple_HFS Snowy 260.8 Gi disk1s2