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    unison works fine here. no problems what so ever with corrupted files.
  2. just need a broadcom kext wich is on the forum or a patched ionetworking.kext
  3. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    upgraded a hp 6710b installed with iatkosv7 10.5.7 from software update and works fine
  4. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    this worked as a charm on my d630.!!! had to do sleep trick but now it's solved. installed d630 from ipc 10.5.6. now let's i need to upgrade to 10.5.7:)
  5. my old d600 got fryed by battery issue. now getting from dell a free d630 2.2 ghz, 2gb ram with x3100, Dell Wireless 1395 and 14.1'' WXGA+ (1440X900) including 3 year complete care warranty with accedental:) gonna be my new hackbook:) as far as i can read it will work nicely.
  6. used package vor v1/v2 and worked perfectly m8, thnx!
  7. No packetdrops, works perfectly. also windows works fine with the card. running vista with it too. it's recognized as 3rd party airport adapter.
  8. works fine here but i have dfe so can update withouth a hitch.
  9. builds are still running good. no problems. will try to make some time for this today or tomorrow to test the imac again. glad to test, killing time on work it did
  10. sleep already worked in kalyway. but it isn't deep sleep like windows puts a laptop to sleep. as for the kexts i only added support for the keyboard and mouse. and a patched ionetworking so wifi works during setup.
  11. rebuilded clean with this fix and now it works without the KP i got the previous build.
  12. XxX_Os_X86_10.5.5_Beta1

    incorporate dfe-132 and you'll have a kick ass always updateable release. just look at the instahackintosh app.
  13. build complete using full.sh. burning and installing it first on imac. on imac, sees disc in boot mode but then goes to black screen and does nothing. after ik had to shut it down manually and now get kernel panic. system is fooked and not booting anymore. have to reinstall imac. now i'm gonna test the hp laptop. hp installs, did restore to usb hd and installed from usb hd within 5 minutes. 100% working as my previous 10.5.4 build. this release is goor for hacks.
  14. hehe coolio. i'll let you know what happens when i install this on the imac via pm. i kept the image clean with user packages only added 10.5.5 combo update. my main install disc is 10.5.4 we shall see what happens :censored2:
  15. building first test for hp 6710b and imac.