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I am a bit stuck B)


I have burnt the deadmoo ISO to DVD


I have made the af partition on a dedicated drive


The bit im stuck with the tiger-x86-flat.img and dd


where is this file tiger-x86-flat.img? I cant find it on the dvd


Is it a different file im sposed to get or am I ment to make it using somthing from the install dvd?


I want to install onto the partition/dedicated drive and boot via bios selection, i would rather not use vmware and not bothered about dual boot.


thanks in advance

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methinks the deadmoo iso is a hdd image of his installation


does this mean i can just copy the files to the partition and boot from it?


what proggie will do that? cos windows wont do it.


have i got to patch some files as i dont have 915 chipset?



My PC Spec



Intel PIV 3.2 (prescott SSE3)

Asus P4p800e deluxe (i865pe, ICH5, realtek ac97)

geforce ti4200

2gb ram ddr400



thanks peoples!! B)

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more reading.....


i see that transmac can format hard drives


can i format my 6gb partition with transmac then dump the files from deadmoos iso onto it?


there are soo many tutorials but none of em seem to tell me what todo with deadmoo's iso


should i just shut up and download tiger-x86-flat.img and do the dd thang?

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The tiger-x86-flat.img file is referring to the image from the VMWare release. You can't do the dd method with the .iso file. The only way that I know of is to get the tiger-x86-flat.img and dd it to your AF partition.


Another member might be able to help you with the DVD.

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This can handle iso files and all...



i have already got the converted to iso file, transmac sees it and i can burn it with nero


trouble is there seems to be no guides on what todo with it once burnt


im gonna get transmac to format my partition, then copy over the files to the partition using transmac (if it can)


if not i think i can use a linux boot cd to install the deadmoo iso (correct me if im wrong)


in the meantime im gonna find this img file all the tutorials seem to be talking about.


thanks for the help so far

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what a dumbass... :P


that deadmoo cd was bootable :blink:


i am at the apple logo with the spinny thing but get no further, going todo the -v boot too see what the issue is.


I think it may be that I have an IDE drive as well as 2 sata, i think if i loose the ide and install to a usb drive it will work


we will see..............

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