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Booting OSx86 from an external HDD?

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I recently bought a USB 2.0 external hard drive enclosure. I would really like to be able to boot osx86 on it externally to show people with SSE2/3 compatible processors how much mac os x kicks WinXP.

The problem is that a lot of people's BIOSes don't support USB 2.0 booting, and finding a compatible floppy boot disc to usb is really difficult. Does anyone have any ideas about how to accomplish this?

Also, another idea is to have to different partitions of OSX, one for SSE2 and one for SSE3. Is this possible/does it make sense to do? Does the newly cracked SSE2 version run on SSE3s?

Basically, the end game in this equation is to be able to run OSx86 on the computers at my school, which suck so badly. I started my senior year of HS (ya, i'm young...), and our crappy computers crashed, get this, must be a new world record, in less than 10 seconds of logging in to the Win98 network terminal. What {censored}. It would be so righteous to run OSx86 while people complain about the BSOD. Of course, I doubt those computers have SSE2/3, but it would be cool to run on other machines that do support such a feature without having to modify the system's primary components.

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